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Good News.

Happy Thursday, y’all! I’ve been sitting on some good news and I’m delighted I have the official go-ahead to share it.

Sara is relocating to Bristol, UK! She’s transferring with Epic (the same company she’s been with since she graduated college) in August. The Epic office is a couple hundred employees strong (including a few folks from Madison who joined the company back when Sara did) and she’s really excited to be part of it.

And I am really excited she’s asked me to help her settle in! Delta flies to Bristol via Amsterdam, and we are meeting there early on August 6 (our flights both land at 5:55 am). Then we’ll fly to Bristol together “later” that morning – our flight lands at 8:40 am. She picks up her apartment keys (hopefully) later that morning.

Now that my flights are booked and Sara has the apartment, my mind is moving on to other important things … like packing! The weather in Bristol looks like a most refreshing change from summer

Did you immediately think that I NEED to finish Whippet? I did 😉 

and I’m so happy the sweater is now in a stage where I can knit it anywhere! I don’t leave until August 5, and I’m pretty confident I’ll finish with plenty of time to spare (oh my, knock on wood!). I also thought that I need to be sure I have enough wrinkle-free outfits to last a few days. Sara’s apartment has a washer-dryer, but I’m not sure there’s an iron.

No matter what, I’m flattered that Sara asked me to come along. and grateful Marc helped with my travel arrangements … and will take excellent care of Holly while I’m gone!



  • Kat

    I think this will be an amazing adventure!! And, I bet you will feel much better about this whole move helping Sara settle in and seeing in person where she will be!

    And, congrats Sara on this awesome move!

  • Karen

    Congrats to Sara!!!

    I LOVE Bristol. It’s a great city and so many fun things to do. Much more relaxed than London.

    Y’all have fun!


  • Carole

    Wow! That’s very exciting and I’m impressed with how well you are handling having one of your girls live overseas. YOU are a very good mama!

  • Sarah

    That’s such exciting news — congratulations, Sara! I’m sure it will be a fun adventure for both of you, and I have a feeling your Whippet will get a lot of wear.

  • Bonny

    Congratulations to Sara! This is exciting news, and while I’m sure there are lots of details for Sara to work out, it will certainly be easier with your help. It’s always wonderful when our kids live in great places where we can visit them. A whole new continent for you to explore together!

  • Patty

    Wow! This is very exciting and congratulations to Sara! You’re going to have a terrific adventure together and hopefully this is the first of many in the UK!

  • Vicki

    So… not Madison, eh? haha!

    WHAT FABULOUS NEWS THIS IS!! And what a wonderful adventure for Sara. It’s so neat that you’ll be able to help her get a little bit acclimated and settled.

  • Vicki

    Also Bristol. What a great location!! Wales is absolutely amazing, and Cornwall was a delight… London is just a few hours away. Ahhhhh.

  • Margene

    When one is facing the unknown and feeling slightly uncertain it’s time to turn to mom. This sounds like a wonderful adventure for you both and your guidance and help will be reassuring to Sara.