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Hello friends and happy Monday! I was sitting with Deena at Starbucks on Saturday afternoon, knitting (of course*) and realized this was the last “normal” weekend until mid-July. What? huh? Yep, next weekend we’re in NYC. then we have the little boys while their parents attend a wedding. and then the Weekend with the Retreat. and then the Weekend just after July 4th. … and then it’s – maybe?! – back to “normal”.

With that frame, I have five photos to share:

First (of course 😉 ) Friday Night Snacks

This is hands down my favorite way to start the weekend (along with something good on TV – the last few episodes of Fleabag Season Two didn’t disappoint).

Sunday morning’s walk to the lake. 

Saturday morning’s walk was on the treadmill and you didn’t miss a thing. I promise.

Porch time with a book (there was also knitting … but it’s easier to photograph the book).

this is the second Auntie Poldi book

The sun, bursting (finally!!!!) through the clouds yesterday evening. It was a  glorious sight. (It didn’t stay for long.)

And finally this… about 5 o’clock Saturday afternoon … the part of this weekend I do not want to see again!

This little pile of mess is the SECOND time I ripped back the armhole shaping on the Simple Tee. I was ready to bind off the neckline on the back  and discovered I had an extra stitch. Long story (as in a day and a half and a lot of ripping and re-knitting) short, I found that I had split a stitch (easy to do, with this loosely plied yarn) about 3 rows into the armhole.

But you know I love happy endings … that back is now done and blocked and I’m halfway up the front. I might even be wondering what clothes to pack for the weekend that would show off this new finish 😉 … but that’s gonna be a story for Wednesday!

Hope your week is off to a good start!

*and of course that’s the ONE time I fail to take a photo, but yes, there was Knitting in Public!


  • Bonny

    Your Friday Night Snacks are truly a masterpiece, almost too pretty to eat (almost)! The lake looks a little broody with all your storms, but those lilies keep it from being too dark. Your Simple Tee yarn is lovely; I’m just sorry to look at it closely in an unraveled pile. But hopefully it’s quick cruising to a finish now that you’ve got it fixed!

  • Vera

    Your Friday night snacks are a feast!! You and Marc set a high bar🙂

    Sorry about the unraveling…I can’t even tell you how many times I have split a stitch…easy to do and annoying. Glad you are back on track!

  • Carole

    I admire your dedication for finding that split stitch mistake and fixing it . . . I’d have probably just knit two together and moved on! Your FNS look great, as does the rest of the weekend. And I know what you mean about moving away from “normal” weekends. We’re about to move away from normal, too, since Dale’s last day of school is Friday and then he’s off until the end of August.

  • Sarah

    If this is your last normal weekend for a while, you certainly made the most of it! Sorry to hear about the unraveling, but it looks like it didn’t take you long to fix the issue and get back on track.

  • Kat

    Those looming not normal weekends are going to make the summer fly by. Sigh.

    I just finished up the latest season of Bosch and enjoyed it tremendously! I will have to check out Flea Bag next!

  • Patty

    The next few weeks are going to fly by! And the fact that we’re even talking about the 4th of July already! And I’m in Carole’s camp…I love that you ripped back but I’m sure I would have knit two together! 🙂

  • Kym

    Oh, I so get you on the “normal weekend” thing! This summer . . . I won’t have a “normal weekend” until late July!!! Too much fun . . . but, wow! The summer really does seem to fly when there are so many things to do. XO

  • karen

    bummer about the ripping out 🙁 however, whenever you post your Friday meal I’m like ‘nom nom nom’ all over the screen! Hoping you have better knitting days ahead.

  • Margene

    I’m days behind but I really love everything in your post. The snacks (are a cut above all others) and your views (with cloudy skies) are really spectacular! You are the type of person who fixes an error the right way. It would also eat at me if I didn’t do it right. Your top is going to be really beautiful (classic white-just perfect). Looking forward to your FO in NYC shots!

  • Alexa

    Such dedication in unravelling all that knitting for one stitch – here’s another who’d just have knit two together! It’s shaping up very nicely, and the softness really shows. I like your snacks and munchies …