Unraveled Wednesday.

I’m sure y’all are beside yourselves to know if I’m going to be taking the Simple Tee Too to New York 😉 I think the answer is “YES!” That was the view on my bedroom floor just before I started this post. The just-soaked front is on the left. I really love how the yarn plumps back up once it dries (that’s the back on the right for comparison). So I’m just two 3-needle bind offs and two straight mattress-stitch seams (after an overnight of drying) away from an FO. Packing plans can now commence in earnest!

The front definitely went more smoothly – and quickly – than the back. I’m not quite sure why. While I knitted, I listened to a few podcasts and parts of two books and watched a most-awesome soccer match and a delightful “cooking show” on Netflix. I also did a lot of other things besides knitting (the need-to list seemed especially daunting this week thanks to our upcoming trip) – the pantry run with my mom followed by lunch out and exploring the new downtown Alpharetta,  walks in the park with Lauren, pilates, centering prayer (I am All In for the class I mentioned in last week’s post … wow!).

Last night, I even enjoyed a bit of reading (that’s The Gown, featured on Modern Mrs. Darcy’s summer reading list – 5th row/4th column on my bingo card) while I ate dinner. Marc was behind me on the sofa, catching up on the US Open with his bowl of leftovers.

Togetherness comes in all different sizes and shapes!

Happy to be joining in with Kat and friends … Happy Wednesday!


  • Honore´

    Yay! for the finish win! You’ve accomplished a lot and getting all the ducks in a row for your trip to the Big Apple! Wahoo!

  • Kat

    I am so happy that you got your tee finished! It will be perfect for your trip!

    Now, I am interested to see what will be your next cast on! XO

  • Bonny

    Getting ready for a vacation is a lot of work, but you’ve done it! Your Simple Tee Too looks beautiful blocking, and I’m sure it will really shine once it’s put together and you’re wearing it.

  • Sarah

    I just knew you’d get your tee finished up in time! The seaming should be fast and easy; I’m completely confident that you’ll be wearing it all around NYC this weekend!

  • Debbie

    I am always amazed by how quickly you knit things up and they are always beautiful! What a nice time of year to visit the city, your Simple Tee will be the perfect top to wear! Hope you have a wonderful time!

  • Vera

    That Tee will be PERFECT for NYC – and the forecast is looking good for a lovely weekend. Have some fun!!! What knitting are you packing?

  • Kym

    It is always such a scramble to wrap things up before leaving for a trip — even a short one! So glad everything is coming together for you. (And that salad looks perfect.) XO

  • Margene

    Your top will be perfect for summer in NYC. Smith is here on his computer (me, too) but he’s home for the day (and to take me to the doctor). Togetherness comes in SO many sizes and shapes, you’re right!

  • Jane

    The tee looks like it is going to be the perfect summer top. Enjoy your trip to NYC. I always heave a sigh of relief when we actually close the door and get on our way.

  • karen

    yay for a vacation and wearing taking the finished project along with you. I think I might have a big salad for lunch now 🙂

  • Lydia

    Yea to finished objects for trips. I don’t think there will be much summer knitting for me right now aside from small projects. I hope to get at least one summer “sweater”, but we shall see.

  • Alexa

    You are the fastest knitter on the block by a long chalk! That looks like a lot of very fine and delicate work – hoping you enjoy wearing it too (and I finally saw the place for clicking to leave you a comment – yeah!).