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Unraveled Wednesday.

Hello friends! I’m delighted to be back with Kat and crew today to share a little about what I’m knitting and reading.

On the knitting front, I’m now monogamously committed to that white knit tee. It’s my second time knitting this pattern, my second project in a row on size 4 straight needles and my second straight stockinette pullover (with seams, no less!) in a row. hummm… I wonder what’s going on here? 😉 I think it’s only appropriate I’ve named the project Simple Tee Too!

I will admit things got a little tense yesterday while I watched the latest Espace Tricot podcast.

I’ve been smitten with Melissa’s gorgeous Ranunculus since she first shared an in process photo on Instagram. and seeing it finished, in the prettiest shade of pale pink linen … well … it took every bit of my self-control to keep knitting what I’m knitting. Truthfully, a long-sleeved pullover – even in linen – is not something I can wear now anyway. So my deal with myself is that come September, when I’m thinking about Fall knits, if I’m still smitten, I’ll buy yarn and knit it.

On the reading front, I finished the latest Maisie Dobbs (The American Agent) on audio last week. I really enjoyed it (and I’ll give it 4 stars when I get around to recording it in Goodreads). I was keeping the audio deck free for the upcoming Jackson Brodie, which I thought came out yesterday. But when I checked Audible, I discovered the actual release date is June 25 (gah!) … good thing I have a backlog of podcasts to keep me busy!

I’m still reading Auntie Poldi #2 … but that reading is definitely taking a backseat to the knitting, sewing (stay tuned!), podcasts and general out-and-about-ness of this week. I picked up two more books from the library yesterday, so I’m going to have to make progress or move back to the end of the line. We’ll see!

While my self-control is in high gear, I’d love to know what you’re knitting and/or reading … let’s see if I can withstand the temptation 🙂

Happy Wednesday!


  • Honore´

    I’m impressed with all your podcasts in-the-queue…I’ve a lot awaiting too but not quite as many as you. Will look forward to the fall and seeing the “pink” sweater. Hmmm, that’s just a couple months away…stay fast!


  • Kat

    Summer tops for the win! And, oh man! That is indeed a very cute Ranunculus!

    And, you will be shocked to know that I have listened to a podcast over the past few weeks myself! Just one, but a podcast! lol

  • Lydia

    I am on the last color for Polly’s blanket; finished the mountain high sweater; started a pair of socks and still have 2 scarf/shawls I’m working through. I also started The Road Back to You- goodness so much to take in!

  • Jane

    I may have to give Jackson Brodie a try again. Maybe the audio would appeal to me more than the book book. I really enjoy the On Being podcasts. Tippett asks such thoughtful questions and has a way with language. The summer top looks great – keep on knitting.

  • Vera

    Keep on keeping on…you are a swift knitter and will have completed that top in no time!!

    I wish I could get into podcasts, but I just can’t 😓

  • Nancy

    I just finished The American Agent, too. Interested references to “America First”, the US Ambassador to GB, etc. Looking forward to the next installment, in the meantime, still trying to find a sewing machine that’s right for me!

  • Sarah

    Stay strong — that tee is going to be so wearable when you finish it!

    I’m working on two projects for my daughter, her Little Boxy and a pair of shortie socks (neither of which is going to tempt you, I think). I’m reading a mystery/thriller that was a freebie from Amazon. It’s not bad — certainly entertaining, but not exactly fine literature.

  • Bonny

    Way to go with that knitting monogamy! I’m with Carole; all those podcasts would be be my undoing. I’m not sure why, but I much prefer audio books (or even quiet)! I’m listening to Milkman and knitting on two different Hitchhikers. Probably neither of them is too tempting!

  • Bridget

    A friend of mine just finished a Ranunculus, and I understand your temptation! But, like you, even an open-knit long sleeved top would kill me during the summer – I have a hard enough time not passing out in cotton short-sleeved shirts!

  • Margene

    Sometimes it feels right to binge listening of podcasts and other times i’d rather listen to books. Somehow I get around to them all with time. Monogamy certainly means faster progress is made!

  • Patty

    Hopefully one day I’ll have a podcast life! Only time for the audio books right now. And speaking of I’m one hour into Milkman and am not sure I will make it to hour 3. I’m giving it a little while longer but I’m not sure it’s for me. Knitting…that shawl I showed you and have found a it to be pretty enjoyable. The rows are getting long though! Keep your head down and knit on Mary! 🙂

  • Dee

    I’m reading Washington by Ron Chernow.

    Knitting ————-apparently EVERYTHING and nothing all at the same time. Lots on the needles, not much getting finished.

  • karen

    I was down to one project on the needles and then cast on something else. I usually have 2-4 projects going for different moods. Five and up becomes too stressful 🙂