Just Life


from this morning’s walk

Happy Friday, friends! This week has left me feeling a bit like this field of daisies … a little tired of the heat, but still lifting my face to enjoy the sunshine.

Thinking about … all the last minute details – including my opening remarks – for tomorrow morning’s Women’s Gathering at church. We have 51 confirmed attendees, which is a record!

Grateful for … the return of Friday Night Snacks. Marc is prepping the platter as I type this. I’m not even going to have to add vegetables … he’s already steamed broccoli and sliced carrots, cucumber and pepper. We recorded the soccer match to watch while we eat. I’m a little nervous, but looking forward to it nonetheless.

Investigating … skincare. I’ve watched a few Instagram stories and read a lot of blog posts. I’m going to give this routine a try next month. I have a well-established cleanse, exfoliate, tone, eye cream, moisturize, SPF practice, but the essence, serum and masks are new. I’m also out of a few things and decided to try some new-to-me brands. to be continued…

FunWoolyn, one of the yarn shops I follow in Brooklyn (sadly, not my LYS) is hosting a Party Against Hate next month and they’re going to be serving lemon squares. I didn’t get the reference, and just in case you don’t either, enjoy!

Have a wonderful weekend!


  • Dee

    What really gets me about the Stephen Colbert thing is that he is actually making FUN of the issue not supporting it.

    He had an awful lot of dated stereotypes in the monologue.

  • Kat

    Skin care… the most ignored part of my day. Seriously. I usually just put on moisturizer morning and night. I recently tried ROC – and I like it for my “winter skin”

    I will follow your finds with interest

  • Sarah

    I’ll be interested to hear your feedback on the skincare routine. Mine is fairly simple — exfoliate in the morning, followed by moisturizer with SPF, clean in the evening, and moisturize again before bed. Plus drinking lots of water!

  • karen

    hmm, I am missing some of the skin care steps! I bet your opening remarks will be fantastic. Hope your weekend was restful and wonderful.

  • Bonny

    That is a fairly intensive skin care routine! My own is fairly simple, but I’ll be looking forward to your thoughts. I might be willing to invest more time (and $$$) if the results were worthwhile. I hope Friday Night Snacks and your Women’s Gathering were wonderful!

  • Kym

    I just love daisies! 🙂
    That is QUITE the skincare regimen there! Lots of steps; lots of products. I’ll be eager to see what you think of it! As for me? I’ve been a long-time user of Estee Lauder products (like . . . since my 20s), and they’ve served me very well. (My skin really is in pretty great shape for a 60-year-old. My mom drummed skin care into me from my teen years, and I’m so glad I listened.) I also get quarterly facials — and highly recommend them!
    I hope your gathering was a GREAT success! XO

  • Vera

    Hope your weekend was as good as it sounds!!

    Yikes that’s a very intensive skin care regime. I’ve always moisturized and cleansed (soap) religiously and my skin is in very good shape for someone almost 66! Recently, though, I’ve been having bad reactions to some things (stuff I’ve used for decades). After a visit to the dermatologist. I’m now using strictly Cetaphil or Cerve products and it’s working. Simple cleansing and religious moisturizing (and no more red/scaly patches). I’ll look forward to reading how your new regimen is.

  • Vicki

    The rebel in me just washes her face with soap (du jour) & water and usually uses a moisturizer in the morning — lately, with sunscreen. My mother had this incredible routine for years with LOADS of lotions, potions, powders, shadows, liners, mascaras, lipsticks… it took so much time! I just can’t. She looked great (also, plastic surgery) and for many years we were often mistaken for sisters (20 years between us). I don’t even wear lipstick… mascara & eyeliner (eye shadow on special occasions).

    I don’t do anything special to my hair, either. Hahaha!!

  • Patty

    I hope that your Sunday morning was wonderful! I’ll be interested in hearing about your new regime as well. Though late to the game I do use really good moisturizer, do a peel once a week and try to be good about the sunscreen. The Irish in me hasn’t helped so I’m going with “it’s the result of a lifetime of smiling and laughter”!

  • Alexa

    Hoping that all goes well with your Women’s Gathering, and that you really enjoy it :). Loved your opening paragraph too. Alas, I have such sensitive skin on my eyes and cheeks that trying new things usually spells trouble! But do report back, as I am another who is interested to hear how you find it.

  • Honore´

    Look forward to reading about your Gathering! I’m sure it was super. Lemon Squares! Love ‘em ! And of course, Colbert’s take. Thx for sharing since I’m usually asleep when he’s on!

  • Lydia

    Look forward to hearing about the skin care-I forgot to refill my Retin-a cream before I changed insurance-guess I’ll use it sparingly for now!