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Early June Weekending.

It feels good to be sitting back at my favorite spot at the kitchen counter on a Monday afternoon, looking back at photos from the weekend. It feels even better that my email in-box is now almost back to normal, I have my to-do list under control … and I’ve really enjoyed catching up with what many of y’all have been up to since I last visited.

Following the 90+ degree temperatures we “enjoyed” through the end of May, the weekend brought a delightful change. It cooled off a little, the humidity dropped and it was fun to be outside. I made the most of it! Except for the gazillion videos I captured (or tried to capture) about the season and a half of Fleabag we binged, all my other photos were taken outside. Saturday morning started with a walk to the lake.This view never gets old (I hope you agree!)

I spent the rest of Saturday chatting with friends (on FaceTime and in real life), knitting, reading, listening to podcasts, enjoying the porch … and Saturday evening Marc and I had dinner and started that Fleabag marathon.

Sunday morning began with another walk (not quite as far), church, and then more porch time.  I was happy to debut Screen Door with one of those beloved little knit dresses that sat in my closet all last month

…and make some good progress on the white knit tee.that photo was from the morning … it’s now nearly half-way up the back! (I’m dreadfully behind on Ravelry so no link, but the pattern is Churchmouse’s Simple Tee and the yarn is Berroco Zooey)

I even enjoyed taking Holly out for her walks because it smells amazing in my yard and my neighborhood right now. The gardenias are putting on a show!

I’m still enjoying Instagram (and loving that I’m not sharing a MeMade photo every day 😉 Here’s one of my favorite posts from yesterday

I think this is the perfect way to close and say – here’s to June! Have a wonderful week!


  • Kat

    Back to normal feels so darned good, doesn’t it? I have very much enjoyed a “normal-ish” weekend!

    AND!! My knitting mojo has resurfaced – a lovely thing indeed!

    It was so nice to have such a lovely influx of mail today XO

  • Dee

    So . . . enquiring minds want to know…….what podcasts have you been enjoying???

    I enjoyed following your #memademay photos. You have made beautiful things and they all are perfect on you.

  • Sarah

    It’s always such a satisfying feeling to get back to normal and catch up on everything you missed! Looks like it was a wonderful weekend.

  • Bonny

    Besides your spot at the kitchen counter, the porch looks like the place to be! I might have to check out Fleabag (but so far I can’t get past the name)!

  • Kym

    Oh, those gardenias!!!! What a treat it must be to walk among them. So lovely! (And your lake view? Never gets old!) XO

  • Patty

    We had some beautiful scents at our lake this weekend. Lilac for sure and possibly honeysuckle…anyway it was lovely. Thank-you for those words to begin June…perfect.

  • Debbie

    Between those gardenias, the lake view, and your porch you have three lovely spots to enjoy this summer! This week is one of getting back to normal for me as well, I was in charge of coordinating a big fundraising event this past weekend and after months of work it is nice to take a deep breath and get back to my normal routine. I hope you have a very nice week!

  • Margene

    Fleabag!?! I had NO idea what that was, but the internets educated me and I might even watch it because I have Prime (for awhile). I NEVER get tired of your lake and you show it off in beautiful ways so it’s always fresh. Don’t stop! I can’t even imagine having blossoming gardenias in my yard! Happy to see you back in your happy places.

  • karen

    I can do this kind of weekend on repeat over and over again. I love to have busy weekends but the best are home toodling about.