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TGIF | Hello May.

Hello friends … and Hello May!

I so appreciated all the wonderful comments y’all shared on my last post. Thank you!

I’m approaching this new month with a “saving my life” mindset and these TGIF posts are one of my favorite ways to frame a list.

#memademay Days 1, 2 and 3

Three … days into MeMadeMay. I’ve been watching this parade of me-mades on Instagram for several years … and now that I have a few hand sewn items to mix in with the hand knits, I’m ready to play. My “rules” are really loose, but I’d like to wear something me-made for all 31 days and post a photo of my outfit on Instagram. That means I’ll need to actually get showered and dressed for all 31 days (since so far, my me-made wardrobe does not include PJ’s, underwear or workout wear). I also need to sew a few more things. …and get more intentional about my outfits and a lot better at selfie’s!

Growing … back into my curls. Since last October, when I made the decision to Go Gray, I’ve been keeping my hair super short. Now I miss my curls. I don’t miss all the time I spent taming them, so I’m going to take this growing process slowly and just see how it goes. My next haircut isn’t until mid-June (but another great thing about “just a haircut” is that my hairdresser can fit me in if I change my mind!)

Investigating … contemplative practices. exploring, really, with practice, but TGIF doesn’t have an E or a P. Together with my Friday morning group and The Universal Christ, I’m learning a lot.

Fun … and family. Our annual get-together is Memorial Day weekend. My mom has rented a huge (10 bedrooms!) house overlooking Lake Lanier for the week. The whole crew will be there … even Sara! We’ve started menu planning – we agree up-front what we’ll eat and try to make equitable meal-prep assignments. Feeding 12 adults and 2 kids takes some work … but we try for “fun”, too. and of course with the right company, everything is better.

Cheers to another month with five of my favorite days! Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend!


  • Patty

    Here’s to Friday Mary! And enjoying watching your 31 days of #memademay! Best thing though…the family gathering!

  • Margene

    Your outfits are beautiful! I was wondering about Calyx and love seeing it on you again. TGIF fits you perfectly this week.

  • Dee

    Your me-made outfits are lovely.

    You and I can be hair-support buddies. I recently went SUPER short —- think crew cut. It is growing out really fast and I think I have another idea for a longer look for me.

    So, we shall cheer each other on through the spots where the hair style we have currently gets a little too “hairy”. LOL

  • Bonny

    Your me-made outfits are really wonderful so far, and I’m looking forward to the rest of the month. Gray curls sound great!

  • Kym

    What a great start to #memademay! I think TGIF is a great way to end the (work) week and head into the weekend. Have a good one, Mary! XO

  • karen

    your outfits are adorable but you are stunning. You have such a happy smile and you look like you love life 🙂 Maybe grow the curls and get a product that makes it so that you needn’t fuss over them too much!

  • Sarah

    I’ve been enjoying your daily posts on IG and seeing your outfits. Perhaps one day I’ll learn to sew my own clothes and be able to join in on the fun!

  • Kat

    I am loving your IG inspirations for #memademay!

    And, what a wonderful thing to look forward to – family time is truly the best!