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More May Weekending.

Hello friends and happy Monday! … right now, I am sitting at my usual counter spot, but unlike my favorite Monday late afternoons, where Marc is off enjoying himself with his friends, today he is sitting just a few yards away, frustrated with getting his new iPhone set up (apparently Marc, the iCloud and his multiple devices have not been nearly as synched as he thought). Looking back over my photos from the weekend and reflecting on all the stories is proving a nice distraction.

Friday night started shortly after I signed off my last post. Marc made snacks,

and we ate almost all of that while we watched another episode of Jackson Brodie. and I knitted! (yay!! and it felt really good to come back to the me I know so well.)

There were storms Friday night, but I found a window Saturday morning for a walk to the lake. The magnolias are blooming and they smell divine. (that middle photo is an oak leaf hydrangea … it doesn’t smell, but wow! I love their lacy blooms and buds against the black wrought iron.)

I wrote Friday about sewing another top this weekend … and yeah. that didn’t happen. instead, I swatched for a sweater and read a book. I did most of that in the chair with Holly and I know she was glad to welcome me back.

The sweater is Sayer. I cast on this afternoon. Stay tuned for an update on Wednesday.

The book was A Rising Man, the first of a mystery series by Abir Mukherjee featuring Sam Wyndham, a former Scotland Yard detective, recently relocated to Calcutta … and set in 1919. Completely enjoyed it. and I started the second in the series last night.

And yesterday was Mother’s Day. I enjoyed calls with both my girls (and my two favorite little boys), and cards, and Instagram posts, and brunch with my mom (with momosas 😉 )

I shared this photo on Instagram yesterday afternoon.

I know there are many folks who have a tough time with the day for a host of reasons and I almost didn’t share it in case I offended or caused someone more hurt. But my mom is here and she made a move in 2017 to be closer to us – I love that all three of us kids visited her yesterday … and staggered our visits perfectly so she could enjoy us – and we could enjoy her – each individually. The reactions to my post made me glad I did decide to share and celebrate what she means to me.

On a completely different note – the weather forecast this week has me re-thinking the next few days of #memadeMay. May is not usually sweater weather around here … just sayin’!

I hope you found something to celebrate in your weekend. and have something fun to look forward to this week!


  • Kat

    I love that photo of you and your mom! And, your weather is making me laugh – we are having polar opposite weather here this week! I am even rethinking planting things until the weekend – we have some chilly nights coming!

  • Debbie

    That is a great picture of you and your mom and I hope you continue to cherish having her near!
    I was busy all weekend with my nephew’s HS graduation and helping my sister with her open house party for him. It was a great weekend in spite of the cold, rainy weather.

  • Sarah

    I am reading your post on Tuesday morning — and here it is currently 42 degrees, with wind chills in the 30s! I’m wearing a sweater today and would love to have your weather!

  • Bonny

    Magnolias are so beautiful; their blossoms always look like delicate porcelain to me. It’s wonderful that your mother is here and close enough to visit, so that is absolutely something you should treasure and share!

  • Vera

    What a gorgeous photo of you and your Mom! So glad she is close now and you are able to get together more regularly. Sayer looks like a great pattern – love the yarn you’ve chosen.

  • Patty

    It’s such a blessing to have your mom so close! And I’m sure she feels that too. Sayer is really nice! No shiny objects though please! 😉 That oak leaf hydrangea is gorgeous. Here’s to a warm-up ahead on the weekend…finally!

  • Carole

    Another fabulous weekend and you should absolutely share and celebrate your mom! As I like to say, you do YOU and don’t worry about what others think about that if you’re coming from a place of truth and love.

  • Dee

    I am really looking forward to seeing Sayer come along. The pattern looks beautiful. I may have to give that one a try when I finish my Flax Light.

  • karen

    love the new sweater you are starting and the vee in the back, very sleek and stylish. We had lots of rain and I finished my pesky sweater that ran out of yarn. Yay! Your mom and you look fabulous! Happy Mother’s day!

  • Jane

    What a wonderful photograph of you and your Mom. Although my Mom is gone and I miss her, it makes me happy to know others continue to spend time with their mothers. Enjoy and cherish every moment. They are precious.