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Me Made May 2019.

Hello friends and Happy Friday! Marc is playing in a golf tournament this weekend and I find myself enjoying an evening at home, by myself. I poured a glass of wine, made some popcorn and sat down to reflect back on Me Made May. Y’all have been so supportive – and helpful! – about my me-made journey … I thought you might enjoy this recap, too.

you can find more details about each day/outfit on my Instagram feed

I set myself the goal of wearing something me-made for every day this month – and I did that. and actually – with just a few exceptions – I didn’t feel all that limited in my options. I don’t know that that I’ll ever get to (or want) 100% me-made – and I’m still just talking day-wear – but still … it’s freeing. Pants are back on my someday list, but bras, panties, bathing suits and anything workout related that requires “support” are still “never”. We’ll see!

In any event, here are few things I learned along the way:

  • Early on (May 7) I realized that was going to mean showering and dressing every day, which is a good habit I’d learned last summer, but let slip a bit.
  • I really love wearing dresses (17 days).
  • My biggest “oh I miss you” from this whole month is the four ready-to-wear knit dresses hanging unloved in my closed. I did wear two of them (May 4 & 8), but I totally missed the other two. Those dresses are hands down my favorite summer easy-to-wear. Last May, I could’ve paired them with a beige hand-knit scarf and called it good. But this year, I don’t have them; I gave away a lot of my beige (no longer “my color”) this spring. Screen Door should help me close that gap. (another Color Affection could help, too!)
  • Elastic waists are OK. I had a real come-to-jesus moment on the 21st when I put those shorts on with a t-shirt. sort of tucked in (gah, I still haven’t mastered the French Tuck).
  • I need a warm weather “dark denim” bottom option. I have many summery (including a few hand knit) tops that look great with jeans. But when it’s 90+ degrees outside I don’t want to wear jeans (would you?!).
  • I wore only two ready-to-wear bottoms the entire month – cropped white jeans and mustard-yellow shorts. I’m kind of worried about those white jeans because they’re years old and if they go (or yikes, I can’t fit into them!) see above about “pants”. I do have a few more RTW options in my closet – white jeans (not cropped, and newer), lavender shorts (same style as the mustard ones .. and likely to last a lot longer since I don’t wear them nearly as often) and white/black striped linen pants.
  • My color story has evolved (is evolving). or maybe just it’s just the warm weather. and of course I’m totally counting Navy And White as a color. and Cream. but it’s not beige. or grey … and oh my goodness – there’s not a single day of black!
  • I think about warm weather being an “accessory knits” season … but of the 10 days I wore a hand knit, only two of them were accessories. This is good news for the me that loves to knit sweaters. especially if I can have a dark denim option to pair them with! (part of me also wonders what the story might’ve been if there were a few more “color-friendly” accessories in my closet)
  • Repeats FTW.

And of course a few stats:

  • 12 me-sew patterns, 10 me-knit patterns, 6 ready-to-wear pieces
  • 24 days of me-sews
  • 13 days of me-knits
  • 17 dresses, 6 white crops, 8 shorts
  • 6 white crops, 5 lark tee dress (calling this a tie)
  • 7 new me-sews
  • 0 new me-knits (I do have an FO in the wings, but I’m saving it 😉 )
  • and hands-down a few favorite outfitsall me-sews (with one me-knit cardigan on the arm) and one pair of light pink sneakers

All of this has really helped me focus on what to make next – because I will always be making!

  1. dark denim bottoms (the fabric is soaking in a vinegar wash as I type this)
  2. skirts (yes. still. and I’m taking a class on Tuesday to learn about zippers!)
  3. a white knit tee
  4. a lightweight neutral cardigan

I think those four things could get me through the summer (especially since Screen Door is almost finished).

Are you planning any makes for your summer wardrobe? do tell!!

…and have a wonderful weekend!




  • Carole

    I think it’s great that you were able to wear something you made every day for an entire month. And I really enjoyed reading your recap of the process and the lessons you learned from it.

  • Kat

    This post is awesome, Mary – and inspiring, and idea-giving! And, I am so excited to watch your jeans come to life!

    And!! I have been wishing I had a “summer-weight” shawl – I think Screen Door might be just perfect! Have a great weekend! XO

  • Sarah

    I’ve of course been following your outfits on IG, but it’s really great to see them all together here. I have to say, I really like your style. Everything you’ve made looks so comfortable and easy to wear! I am not a big fan of having to do anything to my clothes before wearing them, so if I do eventually learn to sew my own clothes, I’m totally going to keep your style in mind!

  • Dee

    You did VERY well for Me-Made-May. Everything looked lovely and suited you very well.

    I have an idea for a summer sweater, but since I already HAVE a sweater on the needles, it might have to wait for NEXT summer.

  • Margene

    From when you first started to sew your own clothes to now doesn’t seem that long ago, but WOW! look at you! I wish I had the desire to sew my own clothes again as I love your look and the idea of wearing dresses in summer would be very comfortable.

  • Bonny

    Wearing something that you made every day is quite an accomplishment, and a beautiful one at that! Congratulations, and I think that it’s also something to look at what you’ve made and see what pieces you might need in the future. It seems like you’ve only been sewing for a short time and look at all you’ve made!

  • Kym

    Good for you, Mary! I make a lot of my clothes (both sewing and knitting), and I wear them often. But I’ve never really had a goal of making most of my clothes (and especially not underwear, workout wear, and jeans). I applaud those who do!!!! XO

  • Lydia

    Love seeing all these pieces. Am thinking I need a kaftan/tunic for after work and lounging so I’m researching patterns. So many options, so little time!

  • Honore´

    Congrats on all your”me Mades”…I especially like the ‘shift’ style dresses – so comfy and loosely fitted; great for summer wear. Gives me an idea…looking forward to seeing how June-Aug shape up. Stitch on!