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Early May Weekending.

Hello friends and happy Monday! Based on my Instagram feed, I know a lot of y’all saw Spring this weekend – yay! – it’s wonderful to see … and it makes me even more aware that our weekend – yes it really is just early May – kind of feels more like summer.

Beginning with our Friday evening walk. Flip flops, pink toes … and a coordinating collar … against green grass!

Our snacks as dinner is still the same old good stuff (I’m not sure what nods to the season our plate will take?!) but the sausages have improved dramatically since Marc started shopping at Sprouts. I promise to make better note of the ingredients next time, but this week’s assortment (purchased fresh on Friday morning, by-the-link and wrapped in brown paper) included cilantro, pepper and something sweet. They were delicious! (also #retiredpeopleshopping FTW)

We ate, we watched some TV (the first episode of Case Stories* on Amazon Prime and the latest Jeopardy … not gonna lie, I’m ready for a break from James … he’s awesome, but whoa, it’s drama!).

Saturday morning I enjoyed a lovely walk to the lake. (early) Summer is by far its best season.

The weather forecast for the afternoon was stormy – so I was delighted to spot a magnolia bloom in our neighborhood … here’s the best of at least ten tries.

For lunch, I met up with our local Balanced Life Sisterhood members. There were initially about a dozen of us on the list, but in the end, we were three. Lunch was delightful. but a hike for me. “local” in a metro area the size of Atlanta can mean an hour’s plus drive. I hope we’ll get together again. (with an easier drive for me.)

It was after 3pm by the time I got home … and there were storms (thankfully I didn’t drive through the hail). Our typical Saturday night plans for staying home and watching a movie was perfect. We cooked a pizza and watched Book Club. all around good.

By yesterday morning, the storms were gone. I enjoyed another morning walk.

church. and then knitting. first with Deena

and then at home. 

The company for both was fun! but the Espace Tricot ladies are WAY more enabling for this knitter! This is the second time I’ve watched their podcast and both times I’ve been so glad to have a laptop handy to search their website for yarn and look up patterns on Ravelry. Lisa and Melissa are just plain nice people and watching their podcast reminds me of what I love best about my own knitting group (with the added bonus that they SELL YARN!) 😉

After that photo, I talked with Sara (#FaceTimeFTW) and then Marc and I had margaritas and nachos, and watched more Jackson*. Nice ending for a really nice weekend.

Today was really nice, too. and I have one more photo to share. My friend Sarah needed to thin out her Lenten Roses and I picked up a trunkload of plants on Friday afternoon. Marc unloaded the plants and wisely waited until this morning to plant them. We had enough for this front bed

and one on the side of the house that gets a little morning sun. I love that Marc loves to play in the dirt!

Weekends like this. time with old and new friends. good food. pink toes. green grass. connecting. It’s all saving my life right now.

xo – M.

*Case Stories is based on the first three books of Kate Atkinson’s Jackson Brodie series (I binged through the four books in the series – a fifth comes out next month!! – last month and LOVED it!). I will say that I am extremely glad I’ve read those books so I can keep up. Marc is way better at following along with a TV show. There are six episodes available on Amazon Prime. Each book is two episodes and we’ve watched three (so we’re halfway through the second book). The characters are truest to the books (well, except that Josie isn’t remarried and Marlee is still a delightful early elementary age) … but they’ve changed the timelines, the settings (the whole TV show seems to take place in Edinburgh, with a side trip to Yorkshire so far) and a LOT of other (what I now realize are just) minor plot points. Marc had trouble following the dialogue when we watched the first episode (I suggested we turn on the subtitles) … but he seemed to follow just fine for the next two …


  • Bonny

    What an excellent weekend you had! Summer-like photos, rain-washed dogwood, great knitting, and even some good TV! I have to thank you for the Bosch recommendation; I’m happily watching Season 1, and glad there are four more seasons available. I read the Jackson Brodie series many years ago, so now I just need to decide whether to re-read or jump right into watching on Amazon. Thanks!

  • Juliann

    I am really missing Friday night treats (doing some dietary changes for a few more weeks). Painted my toes this weekend too.

  • Carole

    You crammed a LOT into that weekend, Mary! Your photos of the lake are especially beautiful. Thank you for sharing this glimpse of your life with us, it’s wonderful.

  • Margene

    The lake looks like a magnificent place to be. How wonderful you have it just a short distance away. Your whole weekend looks perfect! People, places, food, TV are the best you could plan for a few days of life saving. I’m wondering if I should go back and read the Jackson cannon before diving into the new story. How I’ve missed him!

  • Kym

    Lovely photos, Mary — and a great weekend all around. I read Kate Atkinson’s Case Histories WAY back when it was first published (before it even WAS the Jackson Brodie series. . . ) and loved it! (Having become a Kate Atkinson fan already, thanks to Human Croquet.) I always recommend that series to people looking for “good books to read.” Also watched the series when it first came out several years ago. It’s a good one — but the books are WAY better. 😉

  • Sarah

    Sounds like you had a truly delightful weekend with a good balance of rest and activity!

    I think I’ve seen at least one episode of Case Histories in the past. Is that the one with Jason Isaacs?

  • Patty

    I’m completely oblivious to the Kate Atkinson series! 🙂 I’ll have to give it a look…though we’re not watching much t.v. right now unless it’s the Bruins, the Celtics or the Red Sox. That provides me with a lot of knitting and reading time! What a wonderful weekend Mary!

  • Nancy

    Our son’s new home in Decatur has a ton of hellebores in the backyard. Didn’t occur to me, until reading your post, that I could take some!

  • Vera

    What a great weekend – starting with the BEST Friday night snacks!! Plenty of pretty colors too – from toes, to blooms, to knitting and smiles on friends’ faces. Glad you had such a good one Mary!

  • karen

    I love your prime recs keep them coming. Have you watched Goliath? it’s pretty good we are in the middle of it. I adore your snacky foods, when my mouth is completely healed I’m going all out on crunchy pokey foods!!