Unraveled Wednesday | Travel Knitting.

We leave for Beaufort tomorrow morning. I haven’t packed. I have a bit of meal prep to complete (this is on the menu for Friday morning and I’d rather have my kitchen smelling like roasted onions now than then). and I want to make a batch of thyme simple syrup (because cocktails). but my knitting is ready.

I’m taking two projects. socks and a sweater.

I knit plain vanilla socks (using this pattern, mostly in the DK weight, but sometimes the worsted variation) and going around and around – even on size 3 dpn’s – is suitable for all sorts of activities. Games. Car rides. Enjoying a glass of wine by the bay. (also the opera). This is the first sock, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I had a complete pair to show next week. (lots of games. a long car ride. and wine.)

The sweater is Ririko’s latest Olive leaf Pullover. I love the 1×1 cables and hope my yarn – Holst Tides (a light fingering wool/silk blend) will show off the pattern. The first step is casting on 138 stitches and joining in the round … on a size 2 needle (the size 4 in the photo comes into play after 3 rounds of 1×1 ribbing). I’d really like to get that done tonight…maybe while the vegetables are roasting?!

Then there’s a section with short rows and sleeve shaping (it’s top down) and that 1×1 cable chart. I’m thinking this is for morning coffee time and sort of paying attention while my mom and sister rock the crossword puzzles.

How do y’all plan for travel knitting? do you think I have my bases covered?

Head on over to Kat’s to see others are unraveling about this week!


  • Kat

    Oh my – GMTA! I have been eyeing that same sweater and wondering if I have any yarn in my stash to swatch! Have a great long weekend away! And, Thyme Simple syrup… that might just need to go on the “get done” list!

  • Vera

    Have fun and safe travels! Can’t wait to hear/read all about it. And that sweater?? Gorgeous!! The socks are darn cute too.

  • Jane

    That looks like a great sweater pattern. I’d like to give the Holst yarn a try sometime. Let us know how you like knitting with it. Isn’t it nice to have a vanilla sock on the needles? Enjoy your travel time knitting.

  • Dee

    I think you are good to go.

    I’m going to check out that sweater pattern. Looks beautiful and not too hard for this sweater newbie!

  • Patty

    I’ll meet you for supper! 😉 I think you’ covered in the knitting department…can’t wait to see what you get done. Have a wonderful time!!!

  • Juliann

    I’m leaving on Thursday morning for a quick trip to San Francisco and I’m not taking any knitting. I just can’t muster the excitement for knitting which is making me very sad. Have a great time on your trip.

  • Carole

    You are a true knitter – you haven’t packed or prepped the food but your travel projects are ready! I think you’ve picked two excellent ones. I might throw in another skein of sock yarn just in case finish the ones you are already working on.

  • Sarah

    Clearly you have your priorities in order — knitting is decided on before you’ve packed anything else! I hope you have a wonderful time and get a lot of knitting done!

  • Kym

    It sounds like you have your travel knitting strategy well mapped out, Mary! I always pack knitting when I travel — but then rarely actually do any knitting!!! (Except when I head up north. I always knit there. But that’s not really “travel” for me, y’know?) Have a wonderful time!!! XO

  • Honore´

    Luv the sock yarn…makes me think I should finish my other sock so I’ll have a pair. And sooo looking forward to your Beaufort trip. I think you covered the important bases, quite well. Do have a grand time!

  • Jeannie Gray

    OMG! That sock yarn is gorgeous!

    I had to laugh at your travel knitting plans. Well, I’m really laughing at my own. I’m heading off to Florida Monday to pack up and move my mother in law’s house. I’ll only be there 3 or 4 Very busy days, I’ll be doing all of the driving, I’ve got 4 knitting projects already packed and I’m wondering if that’s enough.

  • Alexa

    I just love that sock wool! And such a nice looking pattern over the heel. I really must get into knitting – you are always so inspiring. Hoping you have a delightful time away …