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Unraveled Wednesday | The Travel Report.

I really enjoyed everyone’s comments on last week’s post about my travel knitting plans. Apparently we are all over the place about how we plan and pack for knitting on the road. A lot has to do with how much “free” time we think we’ll have and how accessible more yarn might be where we’re going. This week, I’m looking back on that knitting (which is probably more useful for future planning purposes for me than any of you!)

First up – the socks – the mindless project. I actually finished sock #1 (including the kitchener toe) after brunch on Friday. and I immediately started sock #2. I was just finishing the cuff when we started games on Friday night

…and by the time we got to games on Sunday night, I’d turned the heel and worked through the gusset decreases. Last night (whoa, are y’all watching Jeopardy these days?!) I finished the toe decreases. and this afternoon I kitchenered that toe and wove in the ends.The weather forecast is turning chilly again for the weekend … and a new pair of socks just might make that bearable for my mom!

The sweater had a different experience. I was able to cast on Wednesday evening and work the first few rows of ribbing. I wish I’d made a little more progress because I would’ve realized I needed a 16″ needle for the body instead of the 32″ I brought. GOOD thing there’s a knitting store in Beaufort that carries Hiya Hiya needles 🙂 I was back in business Friday afternoon (top left)…and by Saturday morning (top right), I’d made a little progress on the yoke. …and by Monday morning (aka “driving home”) I’d made a little more. Turns out the beginning of this sweater – short rows, M1L/M1R increases AND that 1×1 cable chart weren’t compatible with much of our weekend. I will say that the cables are really fun to do without a cable needle, but I have to pay close attention to be sure I don’t drop anything. or forget to do a M1 (I counted my stitches just before our Monday Starbucks stop and almost did a happy dance in the parking lot when I had the right number!)

I needed just a few more hours (which thankfully we did NOT have in the car in spite of Atlanta’s traffic) … and this afternoon has me though the first bit and on to a stretch of stockinette…

(with lots of stitches on hold) so I can show you how lovely that cable detail looks.

I was worried it wasn’t going to show up in the dark yarn, but I think it’s going to be fine … subtle, but there!

The construction is pretty cool – the front and sleeve stitches are now on hold and I’m working the back in straight stockinette. which is good. because this is my only active work in progress … which should mean even more progress to share next week. (or maybe another project?!)

Hop on over to Kat’s to see what everyone else is unraveling!


  • Bonny

    Those socks are beautiful! It sounds like worsted weight socks are a good bet for a travel project, even if maybe sweaters are not. I don’t know whether to bet on monogamous sweater knitting or casting on another project!

  • Honore´

    Luv the socks and thanks for sharing your progress on the sweater…this non-knitter really appreciates the “behind the scenes” look. Knit on!

  • Jane

    The sweater is going to be nice in the neutral color. I look forward to seeing your progress. The socks look great. Travel knitting is fun. Seems like if I spend enough time planning, the knitting goes fairly smoothly.

  • Dee

    That guy on Jeopardy is amazing!

    I’m really hoping there is not behind the scenes “scandal” brewing. He is just so far and away above the other contestants.

  • Sarah

    The socks look lovely and squishy and remind me of a Monet painting (the gardens at Giverny, perhaps?). The sweater looks like a fun knit, even if it wasn’t quite appropriate for social knitting.

  • Kat

    Lovely socks – and yes, I agree – they are the perfect travel knitting!

    Your sweater though! LOVE!!! Are you knitting single strand?

  • Vera

    The socks turned out great (and they would feel perfect this morning – a raw day even though it’s in the 50’s). That sweater is going to be gorgeous.

  • Patty

    I’ve caught some of the Jeopardy craziness! He is really something. Your socks are the bomb…the color is great! I finished a sock (sans kitchener) this morning. Happily moving on to sock two. I’ve been using ChiaoGoo 9″ circular and after getting used to them am completely hooked. I use DPNs to turn the heel and pick up the gusset and then back to round and round.

  • Carole

    Travel knitting is always interesting . . . I thought I’d knit on the train to and from NYC but I never touched the knitting and I read the whole time. Your sweater is looking great and I love those socks, too.

  • Vicki

    I’m so glad you told me how fun it is to knit worsted socks… I think that’s my new go-to travel knitting project! I love the color of your new pair, and really love that subtle detail in your new sweater. Can’t wait to see more of that project!

  • Lydia

    Yea-finished socks! I love how the sweater is coming along, and yea for the right number of stitches too!