Knitting,  Sewing

Unraveled Wednesday.

Joining in with Kat and friends today to share another update about what I’m knitting … and a little about what I’m doing while I’m not knitting. Lately, it seems like I’ve spent a lot more time on the latter than usual. or maybe I’m just entering into a “new usual”?!

On the knitting –

I couldn’t even bring myself to take a photo of the brown blob that is my Olive Leaf Pullover. I am enjoying 25 rounds of plain stockinette in the round – the period after joining together the front and back and before beginning the Olive Leaf chart for the body. I think this is the only stretch of “plain” knitting in the entire sweater.

I spent all the time with my Monday knitting group seaming the sleeves on Marsa Alam … all it needs now is buttons. 12 of them. and that might not happen until next Monday!

I had two balls of pale pink Tides in my stash (I’d planned to stripe them with the brown that is now becoming Olive Leaf) and have been thinking hard about a lacy scarf/shawl … when I wore the blue dress on Sunday I realized that pink would be perfect. Yesterday, I started cast on Screen Door and worked through the first two repeats. The Tides is a little thinner than the pattern suggests and I had to go down to a size 4 needle to get a nice gauge. TBD, but I might need a third ball to get a nice size.

On the Not knitting –

My reading has been greatly interrupted by all the podcasts (I’d been reading a lot more with my ears than my eyes … and now my ears are otherwise occupied). But I recently discovered Kate Atkinson’s Jackson Brodie series. I’m now on #4. with my Kindle. and finding that I want to read (no multi-tasking) while I’m reading – which is great!

Yesterday afternoon, Marc and I attended Charlie’s Spring Concert at school and then went out for dinner with his family. The concert lasted only 30 minutes and my favorite part of the whole thing was the hour and a half we spent back at Katie’s before we left for dinner. There’s a big playhouse in their backyard and Rob installed a swing underneath. Sam was in the swing by himself to begin and then needed Charlie to join him. #brothers.

…and finally, there’s this.

What’s unraveling in your world right now?



  • Vera

    Marsa Alam is swoon worthy! And is that fabric with faces???? LOVE! Your delicate pink shawl will be a perfect Summer piece.

  • Kat

    That sweater is so lovely!! I am determined to get mine finished and soon! And, that shawl is so cute – my lack of PC attention caused me to miss that – so thank you for sharing it!

    And, I have tried podcasts, but for some reason I just can’t get into them. I am so happy for a good book in my ears though – a happy companion for all the gardening I have been trying to cram in this week before the rain tomorrow!

  • Jane

    What lovely projects – all of them. The sweater looks fantastic and the start of the shawl is so delicate and spring-like. Lots going on in your world.

  • Sarah

    Your finished sweater looks lovely, and I hope you manage to get the buttons on soon so you can wear it. (Why is it that it’s so hard to sew buttons on a sweater when, in the grand scheme of things, they don’t take that much time? My poor kid has been wearing a sweater for more than a year without buttons!)

  • Bonny

    Marsa Alam is beautiful! I do hope you get the buttons sewn on in the near future so you can wear it. (I think the name sounds like some sort of Indian food!)

  • Margene

    Oh my! I LOVE all the new sweaters and that fabric! Your Marsa Alam is a perfect sweater for this time of year (at least around here) and I love the color! Kate’s Jackson series is one of my favorite, but Kate is one of my favorite authors period. ALL of her books are time worthy.

  • karen

    You’ve been very very busy! I love the sweater immensely! The new knitting is so lacy and pretty. Your sewing skills are awesome and I can’t wait to see what you make.

  • Honore´

    Your hummin’ right along with all your stitching projects…seems that the pace is just right for all the other things you are also doing alongside. As always, love seeing glimpses of the little guys…they just grow so fast!