Knitting,  Sewing

Unraveled Wednesday.

Hello friends! I’m delighted to be joining Kat’s lovely mid-week link-up today.

On the knitting front, I am happy to report no unraveling on Marsa Alam.Since I took these photos yesterday afternoon, there’s now one sleeve in process. I worked the button bands and collar first to be sure I would have enough pink to finish both sleeves. Also, I have tried it on, and apparently I’m not as well endowed as my dress form *ahem* the fronts meet quite comfortably on me (and both sides really are the same length) 😉  I’m still smitten by that sleeve construction … it makes me happy every time I see it! To keep those pretty stripes even, I’m knitting the sleeves flat. I think they’ll be 3/4 length. TBD based on how long the yarn lasts!

On the sewing front, I am happy to report a whole lot of unraveling … about my plans for making trousers. I was chatting yesterday morning with Kat and Juliann, sharing my worries about getting a good fit … and they both suggested I stop worrying about pants and make skirts and dresses instead. well duh. why not indeed?! not to mention that I don’t wear trousers in the summer … I’m much cooler and more comfortable in skirts and dresses. I’ve spent a few hours since then combing through the internet searching for patterns and I think these three will work perfectly.The one on the left is Sew Over It’s Ava (which will work great year-round with tights and boots). The other two are both Megan Nielsen’s Brumby. I’ve acquired fabric for six pairs of trousers since I had the crazy idea last summer to make them. I’m pretty sure I’ll be much happier with six skirts instead! This dress also hopped into my Sew Over It cart. I think it will work well with the fabric I intended for a shirt dress … and hey, no buttonholes!

Now I can’t wait to get started!

What are you working on this week? Sending all the positive vibes that any unraveling has only been the good kind.

Happy Wednesday!


  • Patty

    I’d like the sandals to go with that skirt too! 🙂 That Marsa Alam is just lovely. Like I said to Kat earlier today…you are brave souls knitting fingering weight sweaters!

  • Debbie

    I’m working on a tee- shirt quilt for my youngest nephew who graduates high school in May. I hope this will be the last tee-shirt quilt I make. I just have to piece the backing and then machine quilt it together, then I can move on to things that are more fun to sew…like a cute summer skirt!

  • Bonny

    You do seem much happier with a plan, and it sounds like a good one! I haven’t knit a stitch in over a week, so I’m hoping my knitting mojo returns soon so I can work on something – anything!

  • Carole

    You can make a whole bunch of skirts in less time than it would take to make one pair of trousers! There really is a difference between sewing and tailoring. I love the stripes of your sweater.

  • Honore´

    Congrats on the sweater…so cool that your stripes meet! Always a sign of a well made garment! I think you’ll be quite ready for summer with your new skirts…looking forward to seeing them! Stitch on!

  • Jane

    The sweater is so pretty. I sewed clothing for myself in college and have been tempted to try again. The dress/shift pattern is just what I was looking for last summer. I might give it a go soon.

  • Kym

    (It’s just so simple to purchase well-made trousers that fit.) (Just sayin.)

    Love your stripe-y sweater, Mary. And you’ll have such fun making yourself some kicky little summer skirts!

  • Margene

    In the amount of time it would take to make trousers fit you could have a couple of skirts sewn and they’d be fun to wear. They look more “you”. The sweater will be perfect to pair with one of your skirts, too! I love your enthusiastic voice when you’ve hit on the right path.