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rain-washed rhododendrons from this morning’s walk

Hello friends and Happy Friday! I can hear Marc chopping and plating … I’m gonna make this quick to be sure our Friday Night Snacks includes at least a few vegetables.

Thinking about pockets. Are y’all fans? At best, I have mixed feelings. I feel like they pull on the front of a sweater and I rarely use them (unless they’re a key design detail … and then only for the photos). I’m cutting out my first Wiksten Dress … and I’m undecided. I think they’re a cute detail, but I cannot imagine ever using them. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Grateful for getting outside today! I enjoyed a morning walk by myself (see above) and an afternoon one at the park with Lauren. 
Inspired by this year’s confirmation class. Last night we hosted a dinner for them to read their faith statements in front of Session (the elected “elders” of the congregation – our church has 36 … plus mentors like me and family made a crowd of about 60 people) as the last formal step before joining the church on Sunday. Hearing these 14 year olds talk about what they believe, question, value and hope to become was a blessing.

Fun … as part of our Beaufort weekend, each of us shared a “specialty cocktail”. Mine was a grapefruit gin & tonic and it’s my new-favorite warm-weather highball. 2 oz. gin, 1 oz. grapefruit juice, 1/2 oz. thyme simple syrup (1:4 sugar/water ratio with a lot of thyme) – top with tonic and a squeeze of lemon.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!


  • Honore´

    The Rhodies are gorgeous—we’re just into azaleas, now!
    As for pockets: I use those on pants, jeans, and shirts (that I knock around in) . Seldom use if on ‘dressier’ clothes; I think those are more for style/design if that case.
    You have a great weekend, too!

  • Kat

    Beautiful photos! And, pockets! I use patch pockets on tunics – all.the.time! I have a denim Esme Tunic that I did not put pockets on and I never know where to put my iPhone. I love them. I vote a hearty yes on those pockets!

    Enjoy your happy hour and have a great weekend!

  • Dee

    I like pockets in pants (jeans in particular), but if they are going to ruin the line of the garment, I prefer to go without.

    That cocktail sounds VERY refreshing.

  • Carole

    Those rhodies look so lush with the rain on them! Ours are still weeks away but I’ve got lots coming up in the garden (including weeds, sadly) and it’s wonderful to see everything turning so green. Happy Weekend!

  • Sarah

    I think we women have gotten so used to *not* having pockets that sometimes we don’t know what to do with them when we find them on garments like dresses! I’m a fan of them on sewn garments but don’t find them as practical on knit garments.

  • Jeannie Gray

    I love pockets but not on my knitted items.
    Beautiful rain washed flowers! We had a big rain yesterday and the wind that came along with it tore everything up. Thankfully, we are in that period where early spring flowers have finished blooming and the summer ones haven’t started yet.

  • Bonny

    Yes to beautiful rhododendrons, a big yes to pockets, and a rousing “he**, yeah!” to delicious cocktails (except I can’t drink, so enjoy one for me)!

  • Margene

    I am a pocket user. I need them, use them, want them in everything, BUT I understand people who don’t like them as when you DO use them they bulge, bag and can appear a mess. If you want a smooth line then I vote no to pockets. I vote a big yes to your rhodies! Oh my, we have nothing like them around here.

  • karen

    I hope you had a good weekend. Whenever you talk about drinks it makes me wish I could have a sip. Sadly my medications do not allow alcohol (boo). I love pockets in jeans and jackets. I don’t think I’ve used a sweater pocket…

  • Kym

    I’m a pocket fan, generally. If they’re big enough and convenient to reach, I tend use them. But . . . it depends on the fabric, the drape, the line of the design, etc. They’re not always “right” on a garment, and they don’t always behave, either. So I say use your best judgment. (And if you end up wishing you had them, you can always add them later if you really want to.)

  • Patty

    That cocktail sounds delicious! I’ll be buying a grapefruit for Wednesday night! I like pockets but I don’t think I’d put them on the front of a shift. (Because shifts are so deliciously simple…) Though they might look nice on the back!