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Looking Back | March.

When I wrote yesterday that I was re-committing to my monthly collages of daily photos, I didn’t realize how deep a habit that had been.  (one might think I’d have looked back at that before deciding to toss it all aside when I got nervous about Flickr?!) In any event, this afternoon I looked back through the archives and discovered my first Looking Back post. January 2014. (!!)

Along the way, I upgraded the collage app so I have more flexibility with the font and the layout – but the heart of it all – collecting a month of photos into a calendar grid is still there. and that – along with the wrap up blog post – is what ties this whole practice together for me.

So here’s March.

Lots of color … indoors and out! Sunday walks, a day with my favorite two year old, a Saturday morning game with his older brother (hanging out on the pitcher’s mound), family, friends, knitting, snacks, and life. ♥

I finished two sweaters (Natsu and Albini) last month and owe them both an official “FO” post. Maybe next week, because they are both in my suitcase for this weekend. That striped sweater is nearly done … well, the knitting at least. I wove in the ends yesterday morning and blocked it. It’s not going with me this weekend, so I’ll seam the sleeves and sew the buttons on next week. FO post(s!) coming. promise!

and on a completely different note – more amaryllis blooms! I last captured a bloom on February 26 (see below) and sometime last month noticed that I had another flower stalk. It bloomed over the weekend. and here it is this afternoon

We took the blanket off the bed yesterday and turned on the fan last night. This bloom might be the only thing left from winter around here … and it’s not quite the right color for Easter, but I’d rather have an amaryllis than a lily any day.

Happy Tuesday!

P.S. more for mere-et-filles than anything else, I wanted to add the collages from January and February. January is the first month (in five years!!) that seemed like it needed a gray title. Thankfully February was a little brighter.


  • Bonny

    Just look at all that spring in March! I’m also struck by your own changing looks from January through March. Looking good (just like that amaryllis)!

  • Alexa

    Actually, they are all very colourful! A life well-lived :). And your amaryllis bloom is beautifully captured. A little astonished at the mention of no blanket and a fan – we woke up to frost this morning and I had to scrape the ice off the car windows …

  • Kym

    What a lovely way to “photo-journal” your days, Mary! And you are totally rockin’ your new hair. It looks so, So, SO great. XO

  • Vera

    Fun to see all 3 months and all the color and all the smiles and all the knitting…….

    An Amaryllis blooming in April is just wonderful. So pretty!

  • Margene

    Your months have been colorful, even January has bright spots! Your encouragement has made me a photo a day person. I rarely miss a day and I collect everything in the Collect app. Even though you don’t see my collages they are being made! It’s a great habit, Mary!

  • Dee

    Why did you get nervous about Flickr? Is there a problem with them that I don’t know about???? YIKES!

    It’s nice looking back through the memories. I really need to get better about organizing my projects like that.

  • Honore´

    Ah yes! The monthly collages are the best and I thank you each month for sharing and when I do mine…Love your amaryllis – recall your concern that it wasn’t going to bloom this year…and! WOW! For Easter, yet!
    Tho’ we’re getting green-daily, still the furnace kicks in during the night…we usually go straight from winter to summer…