Just Life

Easter Weekending.

The weekend started out much the same as usual. Friday night snacks with a little knitting and – woot! – the latest season of Bosch on Amazon Prime.

Holly is still not quite used to me being home. Normally she cuddles up to Marc … but when I’m gone, Marc tells me she sleeps by my pillow. absence makes the heart grow fonder?!

Saturday was pretty typical, too. The day began with a drizzle, proceeded to sewing and ended with our “nice dinner at the table”. This week it was roast pork loin, green beans, corn on the cob, sweet potato and a green salad … and a bottle of red. 

Sunday, however, was a little different. I’d toyed with the idea of attending the outdoor sunrise service at 7am. But it was 42 degrees and windy when I got up – yep, chickened out. and I’m so glad I did. I would’ve missed my early morning walk and the stunning show of the azaleas in the sunshine.

and I would’ve missed the glorious celebration at our 11am service. The music – brass, timpani and bells, accompanying both the organ and piano and a full choir.

Those flowers.

The children’s choir (hidden by the conductor is a girl with rabbit ears).

and a photo opportunity in front of the Easter tree – full of all the blessings the congregation cultivated during Lent.

So many Alleluias!

Sunday afternoon was sewing, knitting, reading, FaceTime with Sara and an early dinner. one last nod to “my holiday” (as Marc calls it) … BLTs and potato chips with blue cheese dip.

We’re now halfway through this latest season of Bosch and enjoying it just as much as the previous ones. I’m also still listening to a lot of podcasts … highly recommend all of the episodes from Saturday and Sunday’s walks.

…and that’s the weekend!

Hope yours was wonderful … and that your week is off to a great start.

Happy Monday!




  • Margene

    You’re getting very good at snacks for dinner! I need to take a page from you and Carole! Your celebration of Easter looks marvelous, from your morning walk to your church service. BTW, I love your hair! Oh, Holly. 🙂

  • Sarah

    Looks like you had a perfect weekend, all told. The Easter flowers look beautiful (but I’m glad I’m seeing them through a screen — I’m very allergic to lilies!).

  • Kat

    It was such a full weekend – but with things that happen once a year (church on Thursday night and Friday night, Easter breakfast set up on Saturday morning…at church, lol, and then back at church before 7am to begin to cook for that breakfast) But, for me the best part was singing in the choir for late service.

    It looks like you had a very good weekend – and your photos are so full of joy!

  • Bonny

    Your Friday night snacks look worthy of a fancy photo shoot and oh, those glowing azaleas! You made the most of a lovely weekend!

  • Honore´

    Lovely photos and weekend…Sat dinner looked very delish! Is Marc the chef? If so, he wields a “mean spoon.” Have a great weekend…and thanks for the podcast recommends – more walking companions…


  • Vicki

    Gorgeous snack plate (with a side of knitting!). Those azaleas… I caught my amaryllis glowing in the sunlight over the weekend, too… stunning! Looks like a lovely weekend, Mary.

  • Debbie

    It looks like you had a fabulous Easter weekend! I sang in choir Thursday night, Friday night, and late into the night on Saturday for the Great Easter Vigil…a very long service, but I love it.
    I really like your hair. I’ve been coloring the gray for many years and I’ve been thinking about letting it go natural, but I get butterflies in my stomach just thinking about it. I talked to my colorist and she re-assured me that it is light enough that if she does highlights during the growing out process, I won’t have a line when growing it out. Maybe I’ll start next month!

  • Patty

    What a wonderful weekend Mary and the Easter service sounds amazing! And I agree with Kym…you are rocking that blue dress and the haircut!