Just Life

Early April Weekending.

Hello friends – how was your weekend? Ours was nice. a good mix of our same old routines

Friday night snacks,

a nice meal (candles, wine, placemats) on Saturday,

solo walks with Holly that provided lovely opportunities to see Spring

and catch up with a few excellent recent podcast episodes.

I can’t recommend that episode of Call Your Girlfriend highly enough.

The weather was golf-worthy both days, so I had more time to myself, perfect for

sewing – yay! for the first time this year – I did have to get out the instruction manual for both machines just to be sure I had things threaded properly 😉

the beginning of the latest season of Call the Midwife (it’s streaming on PBS)

…and the much-needed cull of Flickr so I can delete my account*. It took me almost all of Saturday to review the nearly 5,000 photos. It was at times tedious, entertaining, thought-provoking, and emotional. I opened the account in March 2007 (just a month after I started the blog) and used it for all my photo sharing until well into 2012/2013. I ended up with about 1,500 photos and I downloaded those to my laptop. It felt good to get it done – and I especially enjoyed taking one last look through the whole photo stream to tag favorites

A lot happened during those years. Sara was a freshman in high school and Katie was a sophomore in college when I started. I had a very full-time job. We had a yellow lab.

Seven years later, I’d retired, Katie lived in LA, Sara was a sophomore in college, we’d moved … and made room for a little schnauzer. Also, I lost count of how many different hair styles I had!

I actually started my daily photo practice during those years, but decided not to save all the images. I think the practice became a lot more meaningful when I started blogging about the monthly summaries … and to that end, I’ll have March to share with y’all tomorrow.

Happy Monday!

*I gave the Flickr Pro a try, but it really isn’t part of my routine anymore …. and $5.99/month seemed like a lot to pay to produce those monthly mosaics! Sadly, many (many!!) of my blog posts beginning in 2007 and continuing well into 2013 included Flickr images. Oh well. the words are all still there!


  • Sarah

    Thanks for reminding me about this podcast. I’ve been meaning to listen because the most recent three episodes focus on the aftermath of the Tree of Life shooting and feature one of our rabbis.

  • Kym

    I love going through my old photos . . . but what a rabbit hole, non??? It feels so good to cull and clear and organize . . . and remember. But the process can really be a bit of a slog. Good for you, Mary!!! XO

  • Bonny

    Thank you for the podcast recommendations. I’m downloading that episode of CYG and TTFA as I type this. These sound like exactly what I’ve been looking for as I wonder about many things that have happened recently. I’m really looking forward to listening today!

  • Vera

    Sounds/looks like it was a great weekend! What’s up first in your sewing queue??? As always, your snacks make me hungry – lol.

  • Kat

    What a fun weekend! I am off to find Call Your Girlfriend! Thanks for the recommendation as I am in a bit of a “listening slump” the books I have in my queue right now are just not that great!

  • Honoré

    Busy weekend and Oh. So. Productive! Congrats on all your photo clearing and welcome back to sewing. My sewing room needs the “Mary touch!” On today’s “Power Hour” list!
    Cheers ~

  • Vicki

    We’ve had a little rain and a little sunshine and a LITTLE warmth (that’ll be changin’ right quick), so we’re finally beginning to see a hint of spring. I think I’ll have some snowdrops blooming in the ravine today… just in time to be covered in actual snow on Thursday!

    I didn’t really even go through my Flickr photos, just downloaded them all for another day! I went through phases where I’d use Flickr photos in blog posts, so I have some holes here and there, too. “Oh well.”

  • Patty

    Wow…what a day that must have been going through all of those pictures! Your sewing room looks bright and cozy…a great place to spend some time!

  • Carole

    I didn’t realize Call the Midwife was available already – we’ll be watching soon! Those old photos are something, aren’t they?

  • Alexa

    Hoping you really enjoy Call The Midwife – I’m a great fan too. I had to smile at getting out the manual to check on your threading of the sewing machine, as I have done the same! Even more important was changing the needle, as I tend to leave the same one in until it breaks – and learnt on a sewing course two years ago that it should be changed regularly. Doh … Such lovely hydangeas.

  • karen

    I love Flickr and use it quite a lot. I cannot imagine the photo undertaking that you did!! I would be tripping down memory lane as well, I have my daughter’s wedding from 2015 🙂 Love your sewing room area – what fantastic lighting!!