Unraveled (Opera) Wednesday.

Opera Wednesdays typically don’t leave me much time for a blog post, but it’s Ash Wednesday and I’m skipping the usual after-opera cocktails so I can attend our church’s 7pm service (please note – I’m not giving up cocktails for Lent!)

Today we saw La Fille Du Régiment and oh my it was fabulous. laugh-out-loud funny (how could it not be with Kathleen Turner – and no, she didn’t sing). and amazing singing. This is the opera with the famous “nine high C’s” aria … for a tenor. (watch here – we saw Javier Camerena today!) he gave the encore again 🙂 for this performance. so 18 high C’s! (he said in his interview with Live in HD that he typically does 40-50 high C’s when he practices … I cannot imagine…)

We also saw a preview for next month’s Die Walküre. This will be my first Wagner and I made a mental note to check out the soundtracks from Inspector Morse. He was a Wagner fan, if I’m remembering correctly.

Opera Wednesdays are also good for getting another pair of socks on the needles. I finally wound up the Arco Iris I bought back in January and started these socks for my mom. Promise a better photo of the socks soon – the yarn is really fun … but who can resist Kathleen Turner in a 20 pound costume on the Met’s stage.

In other knitting news, Albini is flying off the needles. I’m past the halfway point on sleeve #2.and yes, I’m knitting the sleeves flat … which means I’ll have to seam them (and finishing won’t be just weaving in the ends and done). But the gauge is a little loose and knitting flat means I don’t have to worry about any differences in my gauge from the body (also knit flat) or ladders. This might be the first time I’ve tried a flat sleeve in a top-down seamless sweater (for sure it’s the first time I made the decision on my own without the designer suggesting it). We’ll see what I think once it’s all done!

Of course the real reason Albini is flying off the needles is because it’s my only project (well, except for those barely-started socks). funny how that works!

Joining in with Kat and crew – and hoping all of your unraveling this week has been for good.



  • Bonny

    Albini looks like a lovely spring sweater! And I’m glad you clarified that you were not giving up cocktails for Lent. That was my first thought, but I probably should have known better. 🙂

  • Sarah

    I don’t love seaming, but at least sleeve seaming is fairly straightforward (I always have issues with the sleeve cap). The opera sounds like it was fun!

  • Kat

    Flat knit sleeves might be the best thing ever. I struggled with the Beekeeper Cardigan sleeves and gauge – and knitting them flat was the saving grace! (and I think they go quicker than in the round, but maybe that’s just me!)

    What a fun opera link – such amazing singing!

    P.S. I am not giving up cocktails for Lent either – you are in good company! LOL

  • Margene

    My dad was a Wagner fan and he would lead me through the operas with a libretto! I remember The Flying Dutchman and Tristan and Isolde (better than Die Walküre). Your sweater looks perfect for spring wearing! I hope the sleeves work out well that way. I will try that next time rather than have the usual change of gauge.

  • Patty

    Oh that pink is wonderful! Looking forward to getting home so I can see what the high C’s are…I know nothing about opera!

  • Honore´

    Great to see Kathleen Turner…sadly, I missed…but gearing up for Die Walküre on the 30th! I LOVE Wagner’s “Ring Cycle!” Were you also knitting in the theater? What fun!

    Pink sweater is very spring, as in cherry blossoms…look forward to seeing it done!