Unraveled Wednesday | Thoughts of Spring.

Y’all – this happened this afternoon!! yes … my sample is now on its way to Oregon. and I am back to deadline-free knitting. I do still have three prayer shawls to complete by the end of April … but I’m not even letting myself think about them right now. also, they’re crocheted, so that statement about the knitting is still true 😉

I spent a few minutes on Ravelry just now. long enough to hibernate my ADVENTurer (by the way – have you seen Kat’s awesome finish?!) and start a project for Albini

…spring is in the air!

A top-down cardigan on size 7 needles goes fast! I worked about half of that body (the part past the underarm) this afternoon while my mom and I watched Marnie* (the opera. from a Live in HD performance that I recorded earlier this month).

and that means I’m really close to un-hibernating Natsu! I have a girls weekend away in April and I WILL be wearing it with the Nani Iro top (not that it’s a deadline).

Marc commented last week that he hadn’t seen me sewing. I reminded him about the deadline knits. and said I planned to get back to it in March. stay tuned!

Joining in with Kat and friends … and knowing that many of y’all aren’t yet making for spring, but I’m sure you’re all thinking about it! do you have a project (or more) to finish up, or have you full-on shifted seasons?

*This is the first opera we’ve seen in English. It’s also the newest. We loved it … but this might not be one we’ll search out for an encore performance.


  • Kat

    I should hibernate a few projects on Ravelry, hmm. Good idea!!

    And, thank you for the little shout out – I have worn my shawl of many colors two days now and I am LOVING it!!

    I am wowed by your knitting for Shibui! HUGELY WOWED!! I can’t wait until you can share photos of your knitting!

  • Debbie

    I watched Marnie on PBS a couple of weeks ago and really enjoyed it. I would love to have seen it at the Met, but PBS will have to do!

  • Honoré

    I *hope* spring’s just around the corner…maybe more snow here Fri/Sat. Good news: doesn’t last long but snarls everything. I found some “clothing” fabric bin my stash …so I may make it up into a garment…don’t hold your breath it’ll be anytime soon. Tbc…

  • Sarah

    I really thought we were headed for spring, but apparently we’re in for some snow overnight. I guess March is coming in like a lion!

    I would really like to finish up my Floozy before it’s too warm to wear it, and I suppose I should cast on my handspun Tegna soon if I want to wear it this summer.

  • Bonny

    I’m looking forward to some photos of your Shibui knitting someday. Winter is still here without many signs of spring except more light. I’m hoping I have time to finish ad wear at least one of my Sockhead Cowls before I return to a spring Hitchhiker. 🙂

  • Margene

    This morning it is 40 and the sun was just coming up, birdsong was filling the air (no wind!) and the snowdrops were peeking through in my garden. Spring is coming!! I am so happy to see you are spring knitting. That’s a sure sign!

  • Vera

    Albini will be gorgeous (already is) – love that shade of yarn. So soft and pretty. And…glad to hear Natsu is out of hibernation. As you know, I have the pattern, but at this point I think it is beyond my skills, so I’m anxious to see yours! Also anxious to see what is on your sewing agenda!!

  • Kym

    There are no signs of spring here anywhere (I know because I went looking today) — except the fact that we definitely have lengthening daylight. I know it’s really too early to look . . . but there you have it. I looked anyway. Your knitting is – as always – lovely! XO

  • karen

    how satisfying to finish something on a deadline and then knitting a sweater on size 7 needles is fast and furious! I know you will be sewing soon.

  • Patty

    No spring here! 7 degrees this morning! Woo hoo!!! My knitting is moving at a snails pace. Dan’s socks will be finished this weekend and shipped off Monday…that is a certainty only one orange toe to go. Thinking I may actually attempt seaming the sweater I finished last year! Can’t wait to see your secret project Mary!