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TGIF | Hello February.

Thank you for all your comments on yesterday’s post … I replied to many of you about how much I love winter’s bare branches and the shadows they cast. Winter has a stark beauty that took me years to appreciate.

Somewhat switching gears … I took the photo above this afternoon. These two cherry trees are directly opposite the entrance to my neighborhood. They bloom in February. Yes BLOOM. and y’all – there are buds on those branches! I had Holly with me (and it was the end of the walk and she was ready for her cookies) so I couldn’t really get up close to show you. But I’m going to share a photo of those trees every Friday this month. Nothing says Hope like Spring. and of course blue skies and warmer temperatures are a huge help.

January was a tough month for a host of reasons. I’m glad to say Hello! to a new month. and a new month that starts on a Friday is even better.

Thinking hard about my privilege. I started Layla Saad’s Me and White Supremacy work this morning. I had the privilege of “scheduling” this 28 days of work into February … because it fit nicely into my calendar. I realized this morning what a privilege that was. and then I saw this post on Instagram. and now I’m also thinking hard about my voice.

Grateful for the time and energy to volunteer. I accompanied the knitters from my mom’s community on a field trip to a local yarn shop Wednesday morning. Everyone bought yarn! and everyone was excited about casting on a new project. (I’m a little worried I might’ve encouraged those ladies to bite off more than they’re comfortable with but my mom assures me it’s ok).

Interested to learn more about Enneagrams (and myself). My Friday morning group had its first meeting about The Sacred Enneagram today. If you know what your Enneagram type is I’d love to know! I’m still not sure what mine is …

Fascinated by Leonardo da Vinci. and ever so grateful to my church’s bookgroup for getting me to read the book!

Here’s to a good weekend and a good game.

Happy Friday!



  • Bonny

    I started reading Isaacson’s Einstein years ago, but it was way too long and I lost interest. I think Leonardo da Vinci sounds much more interesting, and I’ll be glad to hear your thoughts when you’re done.

  • Carole

    We won’t have buds or blooms here for a long time still so I’m going to really look forward to your Friday posts. Hooray for February!

  • Kat

    Well, I am happy to report that Punxatawny Phil agrees with your early spring forecast! I am learning all kinds of new things here today – Sacred Enneagram’s and da Vinci were books that were not even on my radar! I can’t wait to see what you think of them.

  • Sarah

    It’s good to hear that flowers will be blooming somewhere very soon, even if we aren’t likely to see any for a couple months (at least) here. Spring will come for us all eventually, even if it takes some time to move north!

  • Debbie

    I read Leonardo da Vinci and enjoyed it very much; he was such a fascinating and complex individual. I noticed that you are reading the audio version and I wonder if you are able to access all of the pictures and illustrations in the book? I have heard of The Sacred Enneagram, but have never read it…it sounds interesting. Hope you have a good weekend!

  • Kymberly Mulhern

    I’ve had several people recommend the Leonardo di Vinci book to me, but . . . I’ll admit . . . it’s pretty far down my list of books-to-read. Maybe you can convince me otherwise? 😉
    (Still trying to get over cherry blossoms in February . . . ) (Mind blown.)

  • Patty

    The Secret Enneagram looks really interesting! I’ll be waiting to hear your thoughts. Sounds like Atlanta was a great host to our Pats fans. And I wouldn’t be surprised if our trees are confused this week…we’re heading for temps in the 50s!

  • karen

    We are to have an early spring supposedly. Right now it will be near 50 degrees and that will feel like spring to me! Helping people shop at a yarn shop sounds like heaven!

  • alexa

    I hadn’t come across The Sacred Enneagram before, and you’ve piqued my interest – will have to put it on my library-loan list. Admiring your willingness to challenge your own perceptions and will be interested to hear how you found the book … Spring? Well, it’s still some way off here but we have seen some daffodils and the rhodedendron bushes have fat buds already – at least they did before our recent 12 cms snow!