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Late February Weekending.

aka Weekending with the Oscars. also – finally! – A Sunday with Sunshine! and oh my goodness, it’s also been a Monday with Sunshine. TWO days in a row. Of course the golf course is closed on Mondays. and I missed knitting with my girls because I found a boo-boo in my sample knit after I blocked it (and therefore had to fix it). but still. I’d rather have bad news on a sunny day. and looking back over the photos I have to share from my weekend still makes me smile. Hoping they’ll do the same for you!

We got a great start with Friday Night Snacks

(many of y’all have commented that your significant other doesn’t think “snacks” is a meal … maybe try showing them a roasted chicken breast, two roasted sausages, two hardboiled eggs, four servings of vegetables and cheese 😉 plus olives, hummus and crackers and then chop it up, put it on a big plate and call it DINNER! just sayin’)

and The Children Act. We loved the movie. I even managed to get over the fact that I hadn’t read the book first.

Saturday was still rainy, but I found a window for a morning walk and didn’t get too wet.

fallen cherry blossoms are “spring snow” where I live

I enjoyed a two hour FaceTime with Diane and then spent the afternoon knitting (and re-knitting) the sleeves for my sample knit. Along the way, Marc roasted a turkey breast and sweet potatoes and (yes AND!) a salad with bacon and blue cheese. (sometime in all of last week’s rain he also installed a dimmer switch for the light over our kitchen table and we enjoyed the “low light” with candles.)

After dinner, we watched A Star Is Born. Oh My. Y’ALLL!!!!!! The movie didn’t even end until nearly 10:00 and I didn’t fall asleep once. not even a brief doze. and I stopped knitting after about the first 15 minutes. It felt like a good omen for Sunday.

and it was. I walked. the sun came out. 

Church. knitting (not on the sample). reading (mostly listening while walking and knitting). FaceTime with Sara. and then

Noticing that the sun is nowhere near setting at 6pm.

Live-texting the Red Carpet show with the two women who make me laugh (and also keep me honest and up-to-date).

I bid them peace-out at 8 to get back to my book (and bed), so I didn’t see this stellar moment until this morning. All the hearts!!

Also – shoutout to @sophieandlili – her feed is fun and just a little bit snarky and if you love the royals, you should follow her.


Finally, thank y’all so much for your kind comments about my mini-blogging-break last week. I am intentionally blogging less right now to make room for other things … but losing connection with y’all is the potential downside. I’d like to find a regular three to four times a week routine – but sometimes it might be more like one to two. Thank you for being here with me!

Happy Monday!


  • Kat

    I am laughing at your group text! And, I am likewise noting how low in points your happy hour feast is! But, inquiring minds want to know what sips accompanied that feast!!

    I am sorry there was some unraveling in your knitting, but I hope the fix was quick!

  • Patty

    Thank-you for sophieandlili! And your weekend looks pretty great…especially the last part. I’m guessing they are pretty darn funny together!

  • Bonny

    I did not know The Children Act is a movie now, so thank you! It was one of my favorite books in 2014 (and probably still is), and Emma Thompson is just who I pictured as Fiona. I’ll work on taxes some more tomorrow and watching will be my reward!

  • Sarah

    Thanks for the recommendation of The Children Act — I hadn’t heard of it, but it sounds good! Will have to check out the book and the movie.

    Figuring out what to make for dinner (that everyone will eat) is a constant struggle. Now I’m thinking that maybe we should try snacks!

  • Carole

    Hannah was here with me to watch the Red Carpet and the Oscar show but I can tell you that our texts would have been pretty similar to the ones between you and your daughters if we hadn’t been in the same room. Snacks are most definitely dinner – in fact, I think we eat MORE when we have snacks than if we had dinner. As for the frequency of your blogging, you do what’s right for you so long as you don’t abandon us all together!

  • Vicki

    SUNSHINE 4-EVER! What a difference it makes… especially up here… especially at this time of the year. I was delighted to have the rising sun’s reflection in the rear view mirror yesterday on my way to work.

  • Margene

    We watched the Oscars and had a great time asking each other “who is that” questions. We know very few actors, but I really loved the gowns and the funny dialog and seeing some of the greats on stage. I am not a fan of ASiB and was SO happy to see who won the awards.

  • Vera

    No watching for me, but I’m glad Olivia Colman won – I loved The Favourite. And the texts with your girls are so great!! Sun is out here today and Ii think the wind is gone. Whew!

  • karen

    I need to see that movie (star is born) because it looks compelling. I’m making room for more stuff and only blog three times a week sometimes I’m tempted to do only two times a week but I never do. I guess the schedule is working for me!! Love your snack dinner and I could do a dinner graze easily.