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Early February Weekending.

Unlike many of our retired empty nester friends (or our favorite Dowager), weekends are still a big deal for us. We make definite plans for Friday and Saturday night meals (usually not featuring leftovers) and TV watching. Marc typically plays golf on Saturday and Sunday, which means we don’t walk together and I have My Time. Then we’ll spend late Saturday and Sunday afternoons together, catching up and watching sports (aka “knitting”). It’s a really nice mix of together and alone time. and I always look forward to it.

The Winter Months are a challenge. because golf doesn’t always happen. Marc is finding ways to spend his weekdays. but weekends without two days of golf mean more home time for Marc … and for me:

A solid round of snacks on Friday night

and an awesome meal on Saturday night (complete with placemats and candles!). Marc grilled ribs and sweet potatoes and roasted broccoli. For Sunday night, he made stuffed mushrooms. I am more than happy to be washing the dishes!

Saturday afternoon, Lauren and I walked in the park. and Sunday morning I walked (almost) to the lake by myself. I spied this bed of (almost) daffodils on Saturday and wanted to see them up close.

As much as I love walking with someone else, nothing can beat the freedom of walking by myself.

I spent much of yesterday afternoon attending “Child & Youth Safety Training” at church. Everyone who volunteers with folks under the age of 18 is required to take the class (along with a background check) every three years. Coming off a week where we learned more about nuns being abused, and today I saw that the Southern Baptist church has its own problems … I am grateful we Presbyterians are taking a very hard line about policy, prevention and practice. The woman sitting behind me was complaining at first about “all this new oversight” and the woman sitting next to me told her “this stuff has been happening for years … we’re getting smarter about it now.”  yep!

There was golf on Saturday, and that allowed me ample time for a FaceTime call with Diane, along with weaving in ends and washing and drying Sara’s sweater. I put it into the dryer until “just damp” and laid it flat to finish. I wouldn’t consider myself an expert on superwash, but this yarn performed better than any others I’ve used. Super Happy with how it all turned out. and more than Super Happy that it’s now headed her way.

and finally, I took this photo at 6:30 pm last night.It’s not daylight, but it’s light – the days are indeed getting longer!

and on that note – Happy Monday!


  • Bonny

    Portage is even more beautiful than I thought it would be! I love those pockets and I bet Sara will be absolutely thrilled with her new sweater.

    I think we’ve discussed this before, but I’m still surprised at the difference in light between NJ and GA. I can see that the days are getting longer, but it’s completely dark here at 6:30 pm. Our sunset time is 5:31 pm, but yours is 6:18. Our respective sunrises are 6:57 and 7:25, so you do have 19 more minutes of daylight. Eight hundred miles and further west makes a difference!

  • alexa

    Envying you that light … It’s still light here by half-past five so we feel we are doing well. And our daffs are just poking their heads up, so very cheering to see Spring arriving with you. Hoping that Sarah really enjoys wearing her cardigan – it looks very cosy, and you’ve made a great job of it.

  • Carole

    Hooray for longer days! It’s still light here until after 5 and I consider that a bit step in the right direction! Love that sweater and I really enjoyed hearing about your weekend routine with Marc.

  • Sarah

    In addition to the darkness/lack of light, one of the things I hate most about winter is that it’s not conducive to going out for long walks. Sometimes I get lucky with a warmer day, but it’s usually a weekday when I don’t have the time for a walk. So I’m super envious of your time outside!

  • Kat

    The return of the light is just the best thing! And, I love how that sweater turned out! Those snacks look delicious – we too try and plan out the weekend meals – even if the “whats for dinner” conversation is my least favorite.

  • Margene

    Your snacks look so good. We still feel the need for a bigger meal as Smith doesn’t consider snacking to be enough. I would be SO happy to have that plate of goodies. Anyway….Portage is perfect for Sara!! How fun for her to have a great looking, cozy, mom-made sweater to get her through the winter (and more to come). Our days are longer with it being light until nearly 6:30, but the ground is snow covered and not a pretty posy insight. My pansies are frozen solid, although I think they’ll survive and be the first flower I see in bloom.

  • Vera

    Looks like it was a fine weekend Mary! Your snacks look wonderful. I would love Friday nights like that and may need to “try” that with Fletch and see if it works – ha! Portage turned out beautifully. Lucky Sara! She will love to be wrapped up in that and feel the love you knit into it.

  • Honoré

    T’was a lovely and full weekend, indeed. How great to have Marc as the main cook! (And you as chief bottlewasher ;-)). Norman cooks too…and even cleans, tho’ I always offer…we’re not quite having lighter evenings as you but soon…just as soon as the winter weather ends.

  • Patty

    I’m not sure I could pull off snacks-as-a-meal either but I did make a pretty sweet cheese board extravaganza the other night for friends! (The power of Pinterest!) And Doug does cook so that’s a good thing. We are still totally weekend driven as worker-bees and virtually every Saturday night we eat out. I do look forward to the days of a Wednesday out-to-eat and wondering what day it actually is! (Have you gotten there?) Portage for the big win Mary!

  • Lydia

    I’m so looking forward to longer days so I can walk Sophie in the evening and not need my regular glasses during the last 10 minutes. Love how you guys have gotten into a groove with your routine.

  • karen

    hmm, I purposefully do not cook on the weekends (and try to get out of it during the weekdays). I do love your veggie tray and maybe that isn’t cooking and I could do it. We love our weekends (husband still works) and so we try to kick back and relax as much as possible.