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Around Here | February 2019.

I didn’t intend to let almost a whole week go by without visiting this space, but I did. It certainly wasn’t because I was super-busy, or distracted by other things or (sadly) someplace else having fun in the sun. I guess I just needed a break. and I’m so glad I’m at the point in my life where I’m good with that. I thought about y’all a lot this week and drafted a good half dozen posts in my head. But sitting down on Friday afternoon to actually write one turns out to be hard. So I’m going with a tried and true format.

Around here the weather went from Spring! to … chilly wet grey … to thunderstorms … and back to chilly wet grey … all in less than 24 hours.


Around here I enjoyed a completely delightful day with Charlie on Wednesday. It was a #legolove day with chick-fil-a and popcorn. We colored Legos, assembled Legos 

super-impressed with BOTH OF US! the elapsed time from start to finish was about 90 minutes. My job was to find the pieces. Charlie assembled all of it.

and then went to see Lego Movie 2. It was Charlie’s first movie experience and I was honored to be part of it. also – the movie was fun!

Around here I am back into knitting, finishing!

Ayla socks. raveled here.

and wearing handknit socks (in “chunky” gauges only).

another pair of Churchmouse Basic Socks. raveled here.

Around here the amaryllis is blooming (and fading) brilliantly.

Around here I’ve started a new sweater.

Around here the secret knitting is nearly done … it’s Shibui Reed and Cima held together on a size 6 needle. I’m looking forward to meeting the March 1 deadline, but I’m gonna miss the pleasure of these fibers.

Around here I’m listening to podcasts (The Daily, The Argument, Pantsuit Politics, Good Ancestor, Call Your Girlfriend, On Being). again. after a very long break.

Around here I’m reading slowly. (well, except for finishing up the last Maisie Dobbs on Tuesday afternoon while the rain beat down on the roof. Holly and I snuggled on the bed. It was lovely).

Around here I am 54 days into a daily breakfast habit. and a new calendar habit. which I still need to share with y’all. soon.

Around here … I’m grateful for this space. for each of you. and for the weekend!

Happy Friday!


  • Honore´

    “Around Here” I’ve missed you…and you’ll see on my blog – today’s post: a bit about “wegos” aka as Legos…and Chris went to see the movie Mon…haven’t heard a report yet. “Great minds and Scorpios” – you know the drill! You amaryllis is beautiful and it did indeed bloom! Enjoy your weekend and knit on…I can see why, from the photo why you’ll miss that fiber – I’m guessing it’s the grey…it looks luscious.

  • Patty

    I was just about to send you a note…and here you are! Glad you took the time off that you needed and it looks like you’ve had a nice week. How could you not with Charlie present! Have a wonderful weekend Mary!

  • Lydia

    Nice that despite the weather there were some pleasure/joy to be found. I’m looking forward to FINALLY getting outside for a walk this morning despite the fact that it will be chilly and damp-at least the air will be fresh!

  • Kat

    About that weather, sorry – not sorry immediately comes to mind. I’d take those rain drenched blooms in a heartbeat versus the nonsense we’ve been having.

    And, what fun for Charlie! Back in the day, I was pretty good at putting Lego things together!! It makes me yearn for a grandson!

    And, this post… genius! I might have to “borrow” this idea!

  • Margene

    Oh yes, cherry blossoms. I would be more envious if I didn’t know they were in my (no too distant) future. I might have snowdrops coming up under the snow! I could write a book with all the blog posts I’ve written in my head, but I’m glad to see you’ve gone ahead and posted. It’s easy to slip away….I’m glad you came back.

  • Debbie

    Those cherry blossoms are so pretty in spite of the rain! The new Maisie Dobbs will be out next month, just in time for my sister’s birthday. She always says she wants it for her birthday, so I pre-order it for her, she reads it and passes it back for me to read…it’s really a gift to both of us!

  • Bonny

    I was also getting ready to send you a note to say you’ve been missed, but I’m glad you finally posted! The Shibui Reed and Cima looks quite delicious. I’ve always thought that Legos were the perfect toy and you and Charlie have proven that!

  • Sarah

    The weather swings you’ve been experiencing are very familiar. We’re due to go through something similar today, unfortunately.

    Looks like you had a great time with Charlie! We’re big Lego fans here, too.

  • Vicki

    Junah is really getting into Legos, too, and that’s great because we have LOADS of them from when the girls were little. Ali was into them most, and even had a Lego Train set — which is now Junah’s!!

  • Vera

    So funny that last week I was remembering your weekly posts of your day (I think it was Wednesdays??) with Charlie from the other year. It must have been so wonderful to have the afternoon with him. Can’t wait to see more of your knitting – am loving that peachy color you are using. And, your socks look so cozy!!