Unraveled Wednesday | All the WIPs.

One of the things I’m trying to be better about this year is updating my projects in Ravelry. Back when I worked in the yarn shop and taught classes, I never seemed to have trouble with remembering … and doing it. But now, whole projects go by completely undocumented, or else magically go from “just started” to “hey, I finished”. Kat has provided the perfect forum to make updating those projects – at least on a weekly basis – a habit. So here goes:I have four projects in process right now. A sweater for Sara, two pairs of House Socks and the ADVENTurer Wrap. Those last three projects have all been in progress for a while … and none of them received much attention while I finished up Coatigan. But as y’all noted, I need socks 😉 … both finished and in-process. I love how portable they are! Today is Opera Wednesday, so I started the second striped sock to give me something to do during intermissions.

I pulled out the ADVENTurer during knitting on Monday … and was reminded just how much attention that project requires. I need to get back into the rhythm of working on it a little bit everyday; otherwise, I doubt it will be finished before Spring comes!

And then there’s Portage, for Sara. She wore my Bodie non-stop when she visited last month and said she’d love a cardigan like it. Something cozy, with pockets and a shawl collar. Sadly, my Bodie is just a smidge tight across her shoulders, so simply giving it to her wasn’t an option. and I do love her dearly, but knitting another one really wasn’t either. We found Portage, took measurements, ordered yarn and I promised to start it as soon as I finished Coatigan. I’d love to have this finished and in the mail to her before month-end so she’ll have a chance to wear it. The yarn is Knitpicks Swish DK and one skein in, I’m really pleased with it. It’s 100% super wash merino, feels wonderful and knits beautifully … and at $4.99 a skein, it’s a bargain. I only wish the color had a better name; it’s called Squirrel Heather (doesn’t Squirrel anything just seem bad?!)

And there you have it … see, self, that wasn’t so hard was it?

Head on over to Kat’s to read about what others are unraveling. and Happy Wednesday!




  • Dee

    I have never really used Ravelry to its full potential. I’m trying to get my current projects in there though. The past ones ……………well, too late for that.

  • Bonny

    I love seeing all your wips (and I’ve got plans to update my own wips on ravelry – someday)! Portage looks great, and it’s lovely that it’s in a nice, affordable yarn. I agree that Knitpicks messed up with the name. Squirrel anything is bad; it looks like Sara’s Heather to me!

  • Sarah

    I agree with you about KP Swish — it’s not a luxury yarn, but it is a nice yarn, especially for the price. I just knit my husband a sweater in the same color, and he’s very happy with it. I suppose having grown up in a neighborhood called Squirrel Hill, I don’t really have negative connotations with the colorway name!

  • Vera

    Love the way Sara’s sweater is looking – that will be gorgeous. I don’t mind the yarn name…but my MIL would have been horrified by it (she used to shoot squirrels in her yard with a BB gun – lol). Your ADVENTure Wrap and both socks look great too. I don’t list projects/stash/or anything on Ravelry…it’s enough that I keep a record in my little journal. I just don’t have the time (or interest). I use Ravelry to search out patterns and that’s about it!

  • Carole

    I’m not so great at keeping Ravelry updated either but I made more effort last year and plan to do to the same this year. Your projects are looking great!

  • Kym

    Lovely projects, Mary. 🙂 I’ve had my eye on that Portage sweater since it first came out. I’ll be eager to see what you think of it once you’re finished. It looks like a great throw-it-on-and-wear-all-the-time sweater. (Lucky Sara!)

    I never use Ravelry for my wips, although I am really good about adding my projects once I’m finished.

  • Honoré

    I’m sure with your fast fingers , you’ll have Sara’s sweater knit in no time! And as cold as it has been and will be for a while to come, she’ll for sure be able to wear for a while. Look forward to seeing it! Knit on!
    Cheers ~

  • Kat

    My goal today is to go through my Ravelry queue and move some things to the frog pond. And, yes… I also need to get back to daily knitting on my ADVENTurer wrap! Thank you for the reminder!

  • karen

    four wips isn’t too bad. I’m sure you will finish them quickly and then start something again. I have four projects on the needles and I’m focusing on two of them these days.

  • Jane

    I have knit countless hats and mittens for my grands from Swish. It goes through the washer and dryer well. I agree – I am out on anything Squirrel named. The critters may be cute but they do so much damage. Got to love Ravelery – however you use it.

  • Lydia

    So glad I’m not the only one that doesn’t get around to updating Ravelry. Going to the site isn’t really on my radar anymore and I have so many patterns already. I guess it’s all about balance- right?! Portage is going to be lovely can’t wait to see it finished.