Three on Thursday | Knitting Goals.

Progress continues on the Coatigan. I finished the body and am now officially very worried about running out of yarn (the body used about 8-1/2 of my 19 skeins). So of course I’m trying to knit faster. I’m also knitting the sleeves before I tackle the collar and pockets. I can certainly have a “coatigan” with a smaller collar (and maybe not even pockets), but I cannot have one without sleeves.

This afternoon, while I was going around and around on the first sleeve (with just the occasional pause to pet the little dog in my lap … or take a photo) I settled on knitting goals for this year. And since it’s Thursday, there are three:

First and foremost, I want to knit things that are needed and wanted. In my last closet cull, I set aside hand knits that weren’t even six months old. I’m hoping I can find good homes for them, but it was a wakeup call. I predict this means I will be knitting more socks and prayer shawls and fewer sweaters and cowls. I might also rework one of those recent FO’s to make it more wearable.

Second, I want to finish what I’ve already started. I have a few projects in process and three that are hibernating. I’m really excited about that crocheted afghan! and of course Natsu is only hibernating because of the season. and then there’s Whiskyfied. I’m not sure about it….

Third, I want to Learn Something New. I have wanted to knit a classic fair isle sweater forever. and I have the perfect yarn (Istex Plötulopi, originally purchased for Glaswegian). What I’ll be learning is designing the colorwork, specifically with Tincanknits’ Strange Brew pattern. My color pencils are sharpened and I’m excited! (and if any of y’all want to join in, I’d love the company!)

Linking up with Carole … and plenty more lists of three! Happy Thursday!


  • Kym

    Oh, Mary. Your thinking is so in line with mine regarding the knitting! As we’ve talked about a bit before, so often I feel like I’m knitting for the Goodwill bag. Too often I knit something that just never gets any actual wear! (Evenwhen it turns out quite lovely.) 😉 This year, my knitting goal is to be more thoughtful about what I knit BEFORE I actually knit it!

    I’ll be so interested in seeing your progress in 2019. XO

  • Honore´

    Every time I pick up knitting needles and yarn, I learn something new! In my next life, I’m going to live closer to you so I can be your A#1 student ;-)). I know exactly what you mean about being re-inspired by stalled but not forgotten projects! They seem to have the magic to revitalize one’s energy.

  • Carole

    I love to knit lace, it’s my favorite thing, but I don’t wear lace shawls all that much. Still, I enjoy the process so much I will continue. My goal for 2019 is to knit a hat for Jackie that actually FITS. So far I’ve achieved too small and too big but not just right!

  • Bonny

    I never thought about it before, but this is one of the advantages of not having a lot of knitting time and knitting slowly (and I’m not even being facetious). I wear every one of my Hitchhikers throughout the year, and I still have some gaps in my Hitchhiker wardrobe. I hope you work out a balance in your knitting to include what will be worn, finishing what’s started, and a fair isle sweater!

  • Margene

    You’ve hit the nail on the head. I’ve spent years knitting sweaters I only wear once or twice (if that) and donate with no thought of what will happen to them. I’m better off knitting socks (which I wear and wear), hats (Mylo makes them necessary), and shawls (I love wearing one every day). Here I always thought you knit sweaters that were perfect for you!

  • Alexa

    It does seem a shame that something might have spent longer on the needles than on your back :). Hoping that there is lots of joy in the wearing of whatever you knit this year – and they always look fab-u-lous.

  • Karen

    I’ve also determined that I need fewer knitted items — even though I mostly end up giving them away. This year I’m determined to start out knitting for others. I’ve started by knitting another Soyokaze for my sister Pam out of the extra yarn that I had left over from mine rather than finding a sweater for me to knit. It’s a start …

  • Penny

    I haven’t knit that many things but do use the ones I’ve finished. Infinite possibilities for Strange Brew and yes to revisiting hibernating projects!

  • karen

    I hope you have enough yarn! I like your knitting goals, I’d like to knit more sweaters, but I do like having lots of mindless knitting in my hands!

  • Lydia

    A coat without sleeves is a long vest. I think I’ve decided for every new thing I knit I’ll remove something in my wardrobe. Since I have those great shelves to house my hand knits it’s easy to see what I still wear and what I haven’t in a while. The only hard part will be labeling them all so that some poor soul doesn’t think they are machine washable!

  • Patty

    I’ve given away every hat I’ve ever knit (for me…too big…not warm enough…etc) and have sweaters that sit unworn. Fortunately there are a couple that get a lot of wear so that must be what keeps the needles moving! Though I’m generally a relatively selfish knitter Dan said his friend DID need a blanket for the baby coming so I’m on it! 😉