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TGIF | Three Years.

Wednesday – my mom and I

This past Wednesday marked three years since my dad’s passing.

Thinking about just how much has changed. a new grandson. lots of new addresses on my holiday card list (especially Katie, Sara, my mom and Steve & Lydia). Marc transitioned from a crazy job with international travel 3-4 times a year to being home. I quit my job at the yarn shop and stopped teaching. …and how much is still the same. love. friends. family. Holly. popcorn.

Grateful for having my mom live so close. Also that she is now a fan of hand knit socks and looks forward to a yarn shop outing as an opportunity to choose a new pair … and an opportunity for a lunch out. and of course, always grateful for helpful hostesses who don’t mind taking a dozen photos of us so I can share one where both of are smiling.

Investigating volunteer opportunities for our local senior services. My mom started this conversation when we were back at her place after lunch on Wednesday. She’d done some research into Senior Services North Fulton. Meals on Wheels and more! We’re signed up for orientation on February 14 and I think we might be delivering pantry items shortly after. Stay tuned!

Fun … the one performance we missed from this season’s Met Live in HD was Marnie. but it’s being broadcast on PBS February 1 (the ads say 9pm, my local station is broadcasting at 10pm – check your local listings) … and while I’ll miss watching the performance on the BIG screen, reclining in those awesome seats … I will be able to knit. and take bathroom breaks. and – hopefully – share the experience with a few others. signature cocktail planning in the works.

TGIF! and have a wonderful weekend, my friends!


  • Honore´

    So delighted that you and your mom are having such a great time with all your activities…my mom would’ve loved going to the movie theater to see the Met! Enjoy your new volunteer job…look forward to hearing more about it. Happy weekend!

  • Patty

    I love that you’re exploring the senior crowd! I’ve always thought that would be the direction I head in retirement. (I can be the young gal! 😆) We’re nearing three years for my dad too…so much has happened but fortunately we speak of him pretty much every day and always with a smile.

  • Carole

    Anniversaries are hard but it sounds like you focused on the good things that have happened and that’s pretty great. I’m so happy to hear you will be volunteering to help seniors in your community. I don’t have the specifics of how things operate where you are but I’d be glad to try and answer any questions you might have since I oversee the senior volunteer program at our Council on Aging.

  • Kym

    It is amazing how quickly time passes — and how much things change! So glad you and your mom are having so much fun together. XO

  • Lydia

    Off to mark my calendar! I have stumbled across a couple volunteer opportunities with organizations nearby that helps homeless women and single moms-something I’m giving serious thought to . .