TGIF | Coatigan.

I had grand plans for Coatigan to be finished this week. But at nearly 4pm on Friday, I’m having to accept that will only happen if I stretch “this week” to include the weekend. So in lieu of the typical TGIF post, today I have a slightly tongue-in-cheek one, dedicated to this WIP.

Thinking about my next project (of course, right?). I even went so far as to pull out needles and make a tiny swatch this morning. It looks like I’ll be knitting DK weight yarn on a size 7 needle. Which after weeks of knitting aran yarn on a size 5  sounds heavenly.

Grateful for the girls in my Monday knitting group who were absolutely positively confident I’d have plenty of yarn to finish the project. When I saw them on Monday, I was about 2/3 through the second sleeve, with six (out of 19) unused balls remaining. Of course they were right. I might even have enough left for matching mittens!

I-cord for days … I actually finished the last few rows of the body yesterday morning. and now it’s all i-cord from here on out. All the bind offs are i-cord bind offs. I’ve made a small start – the collar and pocket edges are done.  What’s left is attaching the pockets to the body with a clever “double i-cord”, binding off the back with the regular i-cord and then …covering the edge where the stitches were picked up for the collar (346 of them to be exact) in i-cord. It took me three tries to get the first pocket attached to the body and I can only hope the remaining million or so stitches are a little easier.

Finishing after that should be easy. The yarn spit-splices like a dream, so all I have to do once the i-cord is complete is weave in the ends from all the starts and stops. I haven’t counted, but I don’t think there are that many. Then it will be ready for a nice wet block.

Watch this space on Monday!

And have a wonderful weekend!!


  • Honore´

    Delighted to see the progress – almost finished!- on your Coatigan! with possibly yarn to spare for mitts! Enjoy the weekend of finishing and starting…and whatever else you might find on your agenda…


  • Kat

    Go you! It looks like you will have a beautiful finish this weekend! (And, I like your next project as well!) Have a good weekend!!

  • Kym

    Oh, Mary. It’s going to be just wonderful! I love the color — and it’s going to look GREAT on you. Even though i-cord bind-off is . . . well, a bit tedious . . . it will look GREAT and really finish up those edges nicely. Well done! (I’m looking forward to seeing it all finished on Monday.) (No pressure intended.) XO

  • Carole

    This is going to be such a fabulous sweater to wear when it’s finished! I wish you stamina to get through all of that i-cord bind off and I’m looking forward to seeing modeled shots soon!

  • Sarah

    FWIW, I always include the weekend in the week, so I have full confidence that come the start of the new week (that would be Monday), you’ll have a beautifully finished project. Happy I-cording!

  • Patty

    Wow, wow, wow! It is just gorgeous! I’m rooting you on from afar this morning Mary! (It was 9 degrees for our 3.5 mile walk this morning…warming up with an Irish coffee!)

  • karen

    I love how you said icord for days! that does take a while doesn’t it? love your sweater and it’s okay if it’s done next week 🙂