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My Friday morning book group is still on holiday hiatus, so I had a few extra hours this morning. I put it to good use and cleared out my inbox and then – finally! – my Feedly reader. I didn’t leave a lot of comments (so as not to clutter up too many other inboxes), but I must say, this little corner of the internet where I spend my time is already enjoying a most fulfilling 2019! Here’s to its first Friday!

Thinking about Hope and how often I throw the word around when I really mean “wish” (or “want” or “would like”). I want to give it more meaning.

Grateful for all of you and how you’re sharing your own One Little Words journeys and supporting mine.

Inspired by this list to put Educated on my to-read list. Honestly, I’ve been putting it off because I know it’s going to make me really uncomfortable and there’s enough uncomfortable in my life without inviting it in a book (I couldn’t even finish The Glass Castle). I’m going to suggest it to my Friday morning group. I think they might provide just the support I need to get through it. and at least one friend has said it’s Hopeful, so there’s that.

Fun … one of my intentions this year is to Eat Breakfast. I know it’s a healthy choice, but putting real food into my body in the morning isn’t easy. It’s early days, but I am 4 for 4 🙂 Allowing myself a full 30 minutes to read while I eat has been a huge help. For fun, I Waterlogue’d today’s meal – a slice of leftover quiche and an apple. If you’re a regular breakfast eater, I’d love some tips. No eggs, unless they’re fully cooked …and recipes a bonus for sure!

Let’s make this first weekend of the New Year a good one – Enjoy!


  • Vera

    What a nice TGIF post Mary! I read Educated, but didn’t care for it. The characters (and I know it’s non-fiction) just annoyed me – ALL of them!

    Re: breakfast. I do try to eat it every day but I cannot eat first thing in the morning. I can have coffee and need to wake up some, so I take breakfast to work. Sometimes yogurt, sometimes overnight oats (so many different fruits, spices and other things you can add to that to make it really healthy). This morning was an egg (fully cooked for sure) and one slice of bacon on an English muffin. I make it at home, wrap it in aluminum foil and then warm in a toaster oven at work. Avocado toast is a good idea or toast with almond or peanut butter. Even cheese and crackers. The main thing is to be sure to get some protein!

  • Honore´

    We’re on the same wave length – almost! :
    1. Educated has been on my list since Nov… other titles have preempted…but I plan to start this month
    2. Breakfast, I eat tho’ usually not before 9:30 -10 A. I like eggs but eat 2, sometimes 3 times a week. I eat scrambled, hard-boiled and sunny side over – yep, not sunny side up! I like avocado toast; maybe once a week I’ll have dry cereal or oatmeal with fruit and yogurt or almond milk…
    3. Trying something a little new with OLW this year…
    4. Enjoy your weekend!

  • Bonny

    Hope vs. wish vs. would like sounds really interesting and something I will most likely give some thought to myself. I’ve started Educated (twice) and while I admire Tara Westover’s accomplishments, the book just made me angry. I’m hoping you’ll review it. My breakfast advice is to eat it around brunch or lunchtime! 🙂

  • Kym

    I do eat breakfast . . . but not for hours after I’ve woken up! (I get up at 6, and eat a very light breakfast at about 8:30.) I just don’t like food in the morning! I have no desire to read Educated. For whatever reason, it just doesn’t appeal (plus a lot of readers I trust haven’t liked it all that well. . . ). I’ll be eager to see what you think! And I love your distinction between “hope” and “wish.” (Word usage is so important.) Happy weekend, Mary. XO

  • Dee

    Because I really hate to fuss in the morning, my breakfasts are very simple.

    Cheerios or Fiber One and some berries

    Oatmeal with banana or berries

    An apple with peanut butter.

  • Lydia

    That book sounds interesting so I look forward to hearing how it goes. I can’t skip breakfast unless I know I’m going to be eating a very early lunch. I also can’t eat anything sweet, and if I don’t have protein I’m usually hungry again before lunch, so I don’t eat cereal or oatmeal. Right now I’m eating scrambled egg whites [Costco had the cartons of just egg whites so I’m not tossing yokes in the trash-hate wasting food] and turkey or chicken sausage, and maybe fruit. I’ll add some chunky salsa to the eggs to give it some zing after they are warmed up. I fix my eggs on Sunday for work and take everything on Monday so I don’t have to worry about breakfast each day. I found some great chicken and turkey sausages that are pre-cooked at Sprouts-so overall very easy and filling. I’ve also made egg “muffins”, basically mini quiches without crust. I’m really trying to minimize white carbs and cheese right now, but the muffins are great cause you can add what you like. Savory Breakfast muffins from Eating Well are good as are the banana smoothie muffins from Jenny Sugar of Popsugar fitness. Happy Eating!

  • Sarah

    I have read both Educated and The Glass Castle. They’re both hard reads, but I found Educated to be more uplifting. It’s still difficult to read at times, but it’s an excellent book.

    As to breakfast, I start most mornings with oatmeal. Lately I’ve been sprinkling a little cinnamon on with my brown sugar, so it feels a bit like dessert.

  • Margene

    Educated is a very difficult book, but the horrors she survives and the education she is able to give herself, and then continue with by going to BYU and beyond, is short of stunning. The characters ARE annoying and reading about her life is VERY difficult. Her life will make you angry, but she overcomes it all! The heart in the throat story is worth pushing through to find out how she breaks the spell and liberates herself to continue on with an amazing education and her life. I found it full of hope and worth the discomfort of reading it.

  • Carole

    I haven’t read Educated yet but I plan to – mostly based on Margene’s review. For breakfast I often have a hardboiled egg and toast. I love yogurt with fruit and/or granola and I was really good about making it regularly in the Instant Pot but I got out of the habit. I plan to make some this weekend, though!

  • Victoria

    Hi, Mary

    Breakfast doesn’t have to be a typical American breakfast – eggs or cereal. It can be anything at all, as long as it nourishes. In fact, you could have lunch for breakfast if that sounds more appealing. Or a salad. Anything you’d enjoy enough to consume.

    I can’t face eggs first thing in the morning either. Today I had a cup of leftover chicken soup and it suited me just fine. It’s all about expectations!

    Enjoy your day – Victoria

  • karen

    I never ate breakfast until I had to take medication with food (RA diagnosis). Now I eat cheerios every single day. It never gets old for me. i liked Glass Castles but do not feel drawn to read Educated yet.

  • Patty

    I had Educated at the top of my list after a good friend recommended it and generally we’re on the same page. Then reviews started coming from others I respect and often take recommendations from and I’ve run in the other direction. It’s still sitting in the back of my mind and so…no pressure…can’t wait to hear your thoughts. Breakfast…exercise days egg and multigrain bread other days peanut butter crackers on saltines. Always many hours after I’ve been up. Though…I’ve taken a different route for 2019 and the bread and crackers are out and beans, yogurt, and oatmeal are in along with the eggs. Obviously not all at the same time 😉

  • Penny

    I recently bought Educated. While I’ve heard and read a lot of reviews of the story, I’m all about the overcoming aspect. I’ll look forward to your thoughts. I’m usually in a hurry in the morning, so I grab my coffee and a banana. I don’t have much of a stomach for food too early in the day. Later, probably when most people are eating their lunch, I might have an apple with a little peanut butter, overnight oats, or just a handful of berries and a hard-boiled egg – nothing complicated. Quiche sounds tempting!

  • Kat

    I tried my best to read Educated, but could not. It was just too much of so many things (and yes so many triggers). I wish you so much luck reading it.

    Breakfast was always hit or miss for me, but then came being healthy and smart weight loss, which means you must eat to get your system going. I like a variety of things but my absolute favorite is plain yogurt with a spoonful of homemade jam on top, and sometimes with a bit of granola or wheat germ too. It is easy, and healthy.

    I also make a dozen hard boiled eggs a week – they are a great healthy portable food! (And, taste amazing sliced on avocado toast!)

    And, I hear you on your word – I am finding the same thing with focus. And, perhaps that it exactly what a year long study of a word does – makes you think about what you really mean and don’t mean!