Sometimes Mondays.

…are perfect for a cozy (new!!!!) sweater! Indeed my finished Coatigan made her debut at knitting this afternoon. and Deena was kind enough to take a few modeled photos.

If you recall that I was afraid of running short on yarn, I’m happy to report I have a LOT leftover. 3+ skeins. enough for matching mittens and maybe even a headband. and while I have no desire to knit more I-cord anytime soon, I must admit, it does make for a beautiful finish. as does yarn that spit splices (few ends to weave in) and softens up nicely after a soak.

This yarn was a gift from my mother-in-law’s stash and I’m pretty sure someone bought it for her when they visited Ireland. I’m not at all sure what she had planned for the yarn, but I think she’d approve of finished piece. and of me wearing a bit more color.

Also, I was FREEZING when Deena took those photos (I’m sure many of y’all are just laughing out loud … especially at those bare ankles). I somehow thought it would be in the 50’s today and a heavy sweater over a cotton blouse would be fine. um, nope! But it does feel very nice inside my house. with socks and slippers on my feet.

Happy Monday!