Just Life

On the Greenway.

I walked with Lauren on the greenway this afternoon. Neither of us could even remember the last time we walked there. It’s been closed a good bit lately thanks to all the rain, but it was open, dry … and simply glorious today. Bright blue skies and 42 degrees (to all my readers facing much colder/wetter please know we did appreciate all of that – and we thought of you!)

The photo above was inspired by the lovely Instagram stories of ocean_bythesea and how she captures such beautiful movement in the shadows. Especially the shadows of bare and nearly bare branches. Like I saw on today’s walk.

Lauren and I were completely caught up in our conversation (mostly about books and life, as always) when I first noticed the shadows.

I’m sure she’d have been a willing companion if I’d asked to pause for a photo (or a video), but I didn’t. I waited until we finished our walk and then I walked down the path in a different direction. I found the shadows. and I wish I’d paused our conversation to capture two pairs of shoes instead of one.



  • Dee

    I always take a photo of my feet when we hike in a new place. LOL

    I’m glad you had a good walk with your friend.

    The wind chill here was -0°F today. No prolonged walking for us today.

  • Honore´

    Thank you for introducing me/us to @oceanbythesea and sharing your walk and photo of the shadows on the greenway. Ah! How I love and covet the poetry of nature and life!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  • Vera

    Love the picture! There is nothing like stepping outside to life one’s spirits. Glad you were able to get out with a friend and take advantage of your “mild” weather.

  • karen

    your walk sounds wonderful! when the kids are in town I like to have walks with them, weather permitting. It seems that my son is around more so I walk with him more. I love winter but I do miss my walking outside!!

  • Margene

    It’s been in the low 50s for a couple of days, but we’re awaiting a storm. The bones of trees make some of my favorite shadows and I, also love to photograph them reaching into the sky.

  • Lydia

    I love it, I’ve been doing so much walking lately I need to stop and do this especially since I’ve had a weekend walking partner lately that doesn’t have 4 legs!