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Notes on Hope | Yayoi Kusama.

As part of this year’s journey with hope, I’m paying close attention to seeing and hearing the word “in the wild”. Yesterday’s event was full of it. and, perhaps surprisingly, so was the Infinity Mirrors exhibit we saw a few weeks back.

Set apart from her mirror rooms, paintings and sculptures was a tiny space that looped a video interview. I sat through three viewings (also subtitles) before I grasped what Kusama shared about hope. I wish the video had been played while we were waiting on line to enter the exhibit. It changed the way I saw it.

The effect of infinite, constant repetition leads us to finding our ever-expanding hope. I spread that hope across the ground and with the intention of walking through my life … I want [the young people] to fight with all their might to live a life just as big, filled with hope.

I loved the link between Kusama’s “ever-expanding” and MLK’s “infinite” hope. But the part that struck me yesterday/today was spreading it across the ground … and walking.