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Late January Weekending.

First up – thank you all for your kind comments about Friday’s Three Years post. My mom and I are having a great time exploring many new things; and I submitted our volunteer applications to Senior Services this morning!

Now to the weekend …

I know many of y’all can’t wait for this month to be over, and I’m sure a big part of why I don’t mind January so much is because it’s usually not awful weather-wise*. Of course “not awful” for a knitter who likes to take walks outside is much different than for a golfer who is experiencing his first retired January with just TWO rounds of golf. He said to me last weekend that we were “in an awful period of cold and wet”. I told him “yes, that’s winter”.  And thankfully, this weekend, it didn’t rain.

I spent much of the weekend vicariously enjoying Vogue Knitting Live. Many of the knitters and designers I follow on Instagram were there. and one of my real life friends was too. That’s Deena with Sarah and Haley – and me in the middle – both wearing our 2nd Avenues knit with Plucky Crewbie. 

Back home with Marc –

Friday night we had snacks and continued watching All Creatures Great and Small. We did the same on Saturday. Photos below are from Friday night (snacks) and Saturday night (ACGS). 

We did Snacks on Saturday for most of (college) football season so I was glad to get back to that on Friday. and bonus points for leftovers the next night.

We started watching All Creatures Great and Small last Tuesday (I had no idea we even owned the DVDs… or a DVD player) when the book finally came in for Marc on Overdrive (and how fun that he wants to see the show before he reads the book!). He placed it on hold back in September! It’s narrated by Christopher Timothy who stars as James Herriott in the television production (which aired on BBC from 1978 to 1990). I remember watching it on PBS when Katie was a baby. I read the book(s) and remember loving the show. Second time around the show is a bit dated (mostly in the production aspects – yikes, we need subtitles! and HD!) but still delightful. It’s a most pleasant diversion from all sorts of real life. We also have Seasons Two and Seven (?!) and I expect I’ll be able to report on those by next week*.

I walked by myself both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday morning was frosty(those are the same hellebores I shared a few weeks back.)

but Sunday afternoon was warm and spring-like.The lake is lovely in all seasons.

And there’s more! Yesterday was Katie’s birthday (yep, I’ve been a mom for 32 years!) and we had the privilege of making her birthday dinner and sharing it with her and the little boys. We even got to FaceTime with Sara! I have no photos of the food (Marc grilled chicken and shrimp for “tacos” and I baked the cream cheese pound cake) or the Birthday Girl or her sister, but I did manage a few very fun photos with the boysyay for Instagram filters 🙂

*As I type this we have a full-on Winter Weather Advisory, with City of Atlanta and Fulton County (where I live) offices closed tomorrow. The Wet Stuff is scheduled to arrive dark early and turn to snow early morning. This is the first snow forecast of the season and since it was 50+ degrees this afternoon, I’m pretty sure it will be a brief – if any – bit of actual winter. Also – these are not snow clouds, right?Right! … that was the westward sky when I took Holly out about 4:30 this afternoon.

Regardless, Marc and I are planning to stay close to home tomorrow. We still have two seasons of All Creatures, plenty of food and an extra bottle of wine.

Happy Monday!


  • Dee

    Reports now say the predicted snow for us will be rain. That does NOT make me sad. LOL

    The lake photo is beautiful. What lake is that?

  • Sarah

    The grumpy golfer comment makes me laugh!

    I hope that your weather forecast looks up. We’re expecting sub-zero temperatures here; I’m kind of hoping school is cancelled so I don’t have to walk to work in it!

  • Bonny

    John’s best friend lives in Marietta, and he called last night to complain about the weather. We were amazed at all the closures before the arrival of <1" of snow, but do understand that your municipalities don't have winter weather equipment. Don't show the grumpy golfer next week's weather; I fear he might be even grumpier when he sees rain every day.

  • Vera

    Everything looks so good – yummy snacks, cute little boys, blue skies and a gorgeous lake. I’ll have to see if “Creatures” is on Netflix of Amazon or somewhere – that would be a good one to watch. VKL looks like it was amazing, doesn’t it?

  • Margene

    I truly cannot wait for Friday when this most horrible of January’s comes to an end. I only hope the sorrow its brought will leave with it! May Marc have a fabulous February of golfing! The pictures of the boys are so cute and fun!!

  • Kat

    I love your weekend! What fun! (Aside from that poor grumpy golfer!!) And, the James Herriot books were my absolute favorites and I have read them all more than once, but not in years!! I might need to see if I can find some episodes of that online and look for the books at my library!

  • Lydia

    We’ve been enjoying the Father Brown series. Sometimes the old productions do make you cringe a bit, but they are still great fun.

  • karen

    when we were first married we watched all creatures on pbs in the evenings and saw most of them. My husband read all the books, I did not. I hope you don’t get too crazy of a weather event. We have snow, lots of snow and I am in heaven with the beautiful vistas!! Happy birthday to your daughter and I love to see your grands 🙂

  • Honore´

    The cold we’re having today has totally obliterated my memory of this past weekend’s weather. Did you get snow?
    The boys are more fun and belated birthday wishes to Katie…32 years! Yay! Dolly’s about 13 months older than Katie…
    Hope Marc’s had an opportunity to golf…and I can’t even begin to tell you about all the DVDs and CDs Norman has!