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Three on Thursday | Unraveled.

Ha! apparently this Wednesday/Thursday mash-up is a getting to be a “thing” around here. It’s not that I plan for Wednesdays to come undone, but sometimes they do … and I’m practicing being OK with that. ✔ Thing One.

Yesterday started out really well. I snapped this photo of my top after I finished the neckline facing. See what I mean about the inside being so pretty?That center seam in the front and the back and those curved serged edges on the facings ♥

The next (and last) step was the hem facing. and that’s where I unraveled. Many hours later, I finished. Maybe you can tell what went awry with my first attempt?The fix entailed a lot of seam ripping, a trip to Joann’s for thread, re-cutting the facings (thank goodness I had an extra 1/8 yard) and … time! I am really happy with the finished piece (well almost-finished – I still need to tack down the arm and neck facings) – it fits and I’ll be able to wear it to bookclub tonight (FO photos coming). ✔ Thing Two.

It was after 8pm when I finally sat down last night. I decided a little knitting would be just the thing and I finished up the third color of my ADVENTurer wrap. I am completely smitten with the project, but whoa! the knitting is slow going. Now that I’ve completed two repeats with “full balls” of the kidsilk haze (the gray and the red), I’m confident I can work four (maybe even five) repeats with those balls … so my original plan, which included only three repeats of each of those colors, is out the window. ✔ Thing Three. I think I’m even going to try to be a little random with the project – within the guideline of working a light purple repeat every 4th or 5th time.  …stay tuned!

This last bit of news isn’t unraveling at all – Holly went back to the vet yesterday and she’s well! She even gained a pound 🙂 … and a got a much-needed bath and haircut. 

Here’s to embracing all the things … even the unraveling ones.

Happy Thursday! (joining in with Kat and Carole today.)


  • Annette

    Very pretty lacing – I have 3 (perhaps 4-5) balls of Kid Silk Haze in my stash and I do so want to use it, but patience is the “thing to be” with that yarn. Definitely slow going but you’ve got the hang of it very well I’d say.

  • Bonny

    I like this Three on Thursday thing, and may be using it myself if/when I get I get pressed for time. I can’t tell what went wrong with your first attempt at the hem facing, but am glad that the second try worked and looks so good. I LOVE your ADVENTurer wrap. It looks so fluffy, warm, and comforting, deserving of slow and mindful knitting.

  • Kat

    LOVE! Every part of this! Those seams… swoon!

    And, I am fascinated with this hem facing! I think I might need to add that top to my “make” list in 2019!

    Your ADVENTurer is looking lovely! I am having moments of angst about the randomness of mine, but I am persevering!

  • Vera

    Such a beautiful post – all is forgiven for not posting yesterday – lol. Seriously though, that top is GORGEOUS. Cannot wait for the FO shots. And your ADVENTurer Wrap is going to be amazing. Enjoy the slow rhythm of working with the Kidsilk Haze = it will be SO worth it in the end.

    Also, glad for the excellent news on Holly.

  • Debbie

    Did you sew that hem facing on the wrong way? I bet you will never do that again! Your top looks gorgeous! I admire your patience for knitting with KSH…it looks lovely!

  • Kym

    I know I’ve said this before . . . but my junior high home ec teacher had a sampler in her classroom that said, “So shall you sew, so shall you rip.” It’s just part of the process! (I think of her – with love and appreciation – often.) I love the colors of your advent knit! And I think you’ll be happy going a bit more random . . . And I’m so glad to hear that Holly is doing well. XO

  • Honore´

    And I add my hip hip hooray to all the 3 great + 1 things! You will share the “answer” to where you went “wrong” with the hem? Looking forward to reading all about the top’s debut at book club…
    The shawl is lovely…looks so lush and soft.
    Have a great day.
    PS. Love the little check marks in your post! What fun!

  • Margene

    You did the work needed to do the job right. CHECK! Holly looks refreshed and in the pink! I hope she is healthy all winter. Mylo got a bath yesterday. It was an adventure for us both, but he’s quite dapper. I love your ADVENTurer wrap. It’s elegant and it will be fun to watch as you decide on color throughout.

  • Penny

    You are doing such a great job with your sewing! And those seams look perfect! Love how your wrap is coming along – such a pretty, delicate, soft looking yarn. Very glad to hear Holly is doing well!