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Three on Thursday | Besides.

As of about 20 minutes ago, one pair of socks is done (even the toes!) and my goal for this time tomorrow is two pairs done. Totally doable (especially since that second pair is for Sam), but only if I actually knit! In the spirit of Thursday and keeping myself on track, here are three things I did today besides knit:

Finish a crocheted prayer shawl and start a second one. I even figured out how to calculate the “repeat” for the ripple pattern so I could make the second one a little narrower and a little longer.

Hang the 13th photo on our Advent Tree. This should’ve been a ten second thing, but the tree is getting full and I had to rearrange a few to make room in the right “spot” – this is one of my favorite photos and I like it to be front, center and near the top. The photo is from December 2009; Sara and I visited Katie in NYC for a few days the week before Christmas. We had a ball. and it snowed. I’m not sure there’s anything better after a fresh almost-Christmas snow than a walk through Central Park. … the ten seconds turned into a very lovely 30 minutes. #alliscalmallisbright

Plan more knitting. ok, y’all, the only thing better than worsted weight socks is chunky! My sister is knitting these socks and I saw a finished pair last night. and could not stop thinking about them. She using the called-for Berroco Vintage Chunky, but I sorted through my stash and I think this Sirdar Denim Chunky will work. also size 10 needles!

I also finished Maisie Dobbs (which I loved!), thought about dinner … and wrote this post.

I hope your Thursday has also been a nice mix of things you should’ve done … and things you did because you wanted to. Check out Carole’s post to see more Three on Thursday lists.