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Hello friends and Happy Solstice! We haven’t seen the sun in a few days, so I’ll just have to look forward to the later sunsets. Maybe tomorrow?!

And of course it’s Friday … of the last weekend before Christmas … so without further ado:

Thinking about my one little word for 2019.  (are you?)

Grateful for a “free day” on my calendar – tomorrow! of course I’ve planned two days worth of things to fill that time, but still … it feels good!

Inspired by today’s reading in Advent in Narnia. The devotion is inspired by Chapter 11 where Edmund finally realizes that the Witch won’t make him king. or give him more Turkish Delight.

Her disdain for luxury is a stark contrast to the Beavers, who serve a delectable meal (including dessert) to the children. … The kingdom of God is a place of honesty and uprightness but also a place for delicious meals, physical comforts, and beauty. Advent is a time for both repentance and waiting, and it is also a time to celebrate the goodness of creation. Embrace the beauty and richness of the created world God has given us and to which he came, incarnate, that first Christmas. (page 57)

Our small group had a lively discussion about fasting and feasting this morning. and then shared recipes for bourbon balls and eggnog.

Fun … the ornament above holds a favorite photo of Sara, me and Katie. and I have big plans for another one next week – Sara arrives on Monday and we’ll see Katie (and her family) more than once! (maybe I can ask Charlie to take it!)

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends. It’s definitely the season to Eat, Drink and Be Merry!!



  • Kat

    This is the perfect post! And, yes… I have about 2 days of knitting to try and do tomorrow – so I am right there with you! Yay for Sara’s arrival!

    I am deep in the pondering of my word stage, but a word keeps moving to the top! I might have it!

  • Bonny

    That ornament is beautiful – both the photo and the frame, and it’s wonderful to plan another. I am mulling over my olw, and think I’ve got it, but want to think some more to be quite sure. I’ll continue to contemplate while I do some selfish knitting tomorrow. Happy Winter Solstice!

  • Lydia

    Love having those “free” days that are a chance to do what you want. Hoping for that on Sunday and Monday. Happy Friday.