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A Lesson in Secrets, aka Maisie Dobbs #8

I just finished the second pair of socks (woohoo!) and while I ponder the next cast on, I thought I’d drop in here for a little Friday fun.

Thinking about 2019 and what I’d like the year to be. (I’m also still thinking a lot about the end of 2018 – there is still much to do … and experience! … before the calendar turns!)

Grateful for the library. This afternoon, I finished my 100th book (Call the Midwife) of 2018. 65 of those books have been borrowed from the library. I’ve also purchased a few and read from my bookshelves. I hope to continue all of these practices next year, but let’s be honest, many of the books I’ve read – ahem bookclub! – I’m glad I didn’t have to buy!

Inspired by Praying in Color. I’ve been looking for ways to jumpstart (inspire?!) my prayer life and MacBeth’s concepts really struck a chord. I learned about MacBeth and this path to prayer from a series of workshops our pastoral staff put together for Advent. Our theme for the season is “Be Not Afraid” and two of our pastors thought it would be helpful to offer some practical – and perhaps non-traditional – practices to help. Week one we colored. Week two we practiced centering prayer. Week three we got in touch with our physical selves (sadly, I missed this). Week four we journaled. It’s all been an inspiration!

Fun … our second annual cookie family cookie exchange is Sunday. My sister is hosting (which means she gets to make the lebkuchen dough) and we’re expanding the group of five to include Charlie. I expect he’ll add a whole new dimension to the fun … not to mention he’ll actually EAT the cookies!

I hope you have some sweet treats included in your weekend plans!

Happy Friday, my friends!


  • Honoré

    I have a new stitching friend who makes cookies…her passion! And they are good. Enjoy. Your “Praying in Color” practices intrigues. Love the novel approach. Hooray for the public library! Read on!

  • Margene

    I put three books on hold at my library this morning. I only buy what I can’t get from there. Your family party sounds so fun and I think Charlie is going to be the star!

  • Patty

    100 books. Amazing Mary. I’ll have to take a look but I’m thinking I did more library than not this year and that is a great thing. I know I’ve got at least 4 audible credits stacked up so that certainly means library use! I hope you had a great time at the cookie event!

  • Penny

    I’m grateful for the library, too – for me, there aren’t many better feelings than walking out of the library with an armload of books. : ) 100 books – wow! I need to see how many I read, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t come close to 100. The cookie exchange sounds like lots of fun, and I’m sure it was!

  • karen

    the praying in color sounds interesting. I decided to switch up my prayers in the morning after years of doing the same thing. I do online bible studies as well and drift into and out of any that inspire me. Over the weekend I bought a bright shiny new bible and now I’m all about reading it 🙂

  • Lydia

    Yea you on the book front. I’m looking forward to the library opening back up nearby. I also need to find a book club closer and maybe one I don’t have to drive to!