Food & Drink

Sometimes Mondays.

…make you smile. Especially when you spend Sunday afternoon with a few of your favorite people, a table full of snacks, a pitcher of holiday sangria and dozens (and dozens) of homemade cookies to share. and everyone gets into taking photos.

My sister hosted us this year, which means she was in charge of the lebkuchen. She made the dough the day before and yesterday we rolled it out

really more like patting – it’s sticky! (of course Charlie thought that was huge fun) –

baked it, iced it, and eventually cut it into pieces to share.And that’s the only photo I have of food or cookies, but I’m sure you can imagine a table overflowing with tins!

You might also be able to imagine silly selfies, but I have a few of those to share,

and one that’s not even all that silly.

Then we handed Charlie the phone …

See what I mean about smiles?

So yes, our second annual Christmas cookie exchange was a huge hit and now solidly in the “tradition” line-up. We have another family gathering the weekend after Christmas. I hope we can get Sam to take a few photos then.

Happy Monday!