Sometimes Mondays.

…build confidence. The photo below is from yesterday morning, after I finally got up the courage (and the brain power*) to take my new serger out of the box and flip through the manual.“Overwhelmed” would’ve been an understatement (not only because I’ve used a serger exactly once – the night of my Lark Tee sewing class – and even then all I did was serge four edges of a t-shirt).  I decided to wait another day (there was a silver lining – my craft room is now completely neat and tidy … and I knitted 😉 ).

Thanks to that *below, I didn’t go to knitting this afternoon. Instead, I set up the serger. 

I learned to thread it (happy to report that the reviews I read were spot on – it wasn’t hard, just fiddle-y and wow, I needed the tweezers that came with the machine). It took me a pile of scraps and re-threading both the top needles, but I got it!

Really got it!

which is a very good thing … because my next project is Hadley. which I hope to wear to bookclub on Thursday evening.

Confidence is a good starting point!

I hope your week is off to a good start, too – Happy Monday!

*I’ve been sick! still am honestly. hopefully it’s just a cold and another few days will have me back to feeling like myself. or at least not feeling cotton-headed.


  • Juliann

    I went back to work today but would have loved to stay home and sleep. But it’s just the sniffles now and I can’t let any more meetings and tours get rescheduled.
    Have fun with your serger. I had one years ago when I had my sewing business.

  • Carole

    Sergers are tricksy, that’s for sure. Once you get the hang of threading the thing it’s not so daunting, though. I can’t imagine learning on my own, when I bought mine the store I bought it from offered as many free lessons as I needed to get used to the machine.

  • Honore´

    I’ve never used a serger so I’m glad to know I can call on your assistance should I ever need it ;-))…seriously, congratulations on your newly developing skill-base. You’ve got this and I look forward to seeing you in your new top Thurs ~ mostly becuz it means you’re feeling 100% better! Serge on!

  • Kat

    OOO!!! Fun!! (and no fun… dratted colds!!)

    Sending you some virtual chicken soup (would that I was your neighbor – it would be actual!!) and be well soon wishes!

  • Margene

    I’m so sorry you’re feeling poorly and I hope it’s nearly run its course. You’ve been productive despite the distraction! Good job on setting up the serger and putting it to good use! xo

  • Vicki

    Oh boy. I hope you’re feeling better today!! I’ve had my sister’s serger for quite some time… it’s still in the box! It may stay there until I retire. 😉

  • karen

    my sister has a serger, I’ve never owned one – so it looks very complicated to me. I love how you are doing new things and having fun! you create lovely clothes.

  • lydia

    Oh goodness-that machines looks pretty intimidating! Maybe when I actually make something you can help me with the finishing. If 2019 goes as planned I’ll have a new wardrobe that I’ve both sewn and knit.

  • Nancy

    Congratulations on your new serger! I sold mine when we were getting ready to move; to be honest I hadn’t used it for years (hadn’t done much sewing of any kind). Curious to know what type of table you sew on; thinking of getting something at ikea in Atlanta. Hope you’re feeling better — just in time for the wintry storm headed your way(?)!