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Looking Back | November.

November was a weird month for me. What I recall is ten days at home with a very sick dog, a brief respite and then another week at home with a nasty cold. I am beyond grateful that these 30 photos tell a better story.

camellias :: beautiful fall colors :: sunshine :: a milestone for my brother (he’s retiring from the Atlanta Police Department after 30 years … and a most accomplished career!)  :: a milestone for me and Marc (our 35th anniversary) :: seasons changing :: LOTS of knitting :: two adorable Thanksgiving chefs  :: twinkle lights :: a new ‘do …and one last FO (socks for my mom).

I posted my November 1SE video this morning and I think it tells a slightly different story (how many episodes of TGBBS did we watch?!)

… but still with a happy ending.

We have much to be thankful for … and December is setting up to be a very good month!


  • Bonny

    I’m glad you’re done with November’s illnesses! They make the days go by in a fevered blur and interfere with knitting and sewing productivity. But watching TGBBS is a pleasant way to spend sick time on the couch!

  • Vera

    Glad you and Holly are both better. Looks like it was a good month in spite of “issues.” I still love the chef hat on either of those little boys.

  • Honore´

    So glad that Holly (and you!) is (are0 well…the 1SE 30 sec video compliments the collage very well! Congrats to you, Marc and your brother on your milestones!
    Onward to December!


  • Margene

    November went by in a whoosh! I hardly remember all the work I had to do for guests and for T-day dinner. December is going by just as quickly. I am happy to hear both you and Holly are feeling much better and I wish you all a wonderful time as you gear up for the Holiday season!