Just Life

Tiny Moment Tuesday.

Of course this was actually more like “all the moments” today 🙂 Holly is the most excellent snuggle-in-the-chair companion on a wet, chilly day. Weight of Ink has also been a worthy companion. as has Jaycee. I’m nearly into the triple digits of sleeve rounds (on sleeve #1)!

My Aunt Betty is flying in tomorrow morning and Sunday, her daughter Beth arrives for a quick one-nighter before she and Betty drive to Alabama for Thanksgiving. As you might imagine, we have a full calendar of events planned. I might not see y’all back here until next week. But I promise a post full of photos … and at least a few smiles!

…while I was typing this post I received a neighborhood alert that a few of our local roads might be closed soon due to flooding. I wish I could send all this rain to California, but since I can’t … prayers.

Wishing everyone the warmth of friends (especially the furry ones if you’re so blessed) and family. xo – M.