Three on Thursday | What Should I Read Next?

Inspired by Honoré’s recommendation, this morning I listened to episode 158 of the new-to-me podcast What Should I Read Next? In this episode, Anne talks with Whitney, known on Instagram as theunreadshelf. I have unread books all over my house and their conversation inspired me to peruse my shelves and gather up three (because Thursday!) that I might read next. Coincidentally, these are all books my mom passed along to me. She’s a long-time Taylor Caldwell fan  and she just read The Miracle of the Bells this year.

I added the books to my TBR on Goodreads and noted that all three have excellent reviews. And as much as that pleases me, I’m even more excited because of the books themselves. Here’s a quick look at their title/copyright pages; I think you’ll see what I mean!

Miracle of the BellsI love the idea of anyone becoming a best-selling author at the age of 61.

Let Love Come LastThat dedication intrigues me, especially because the title comes from these lines

“Let love come last, after the lesson’s learned; Like all things else, love also must be earned.”

and that’s not at all how I think parent-love works!

Ceremony of the InnocentWhoa … very curious! and I wonder if I should read Captains and the Kings first?

Which one would you read first?

Joining in with Carole and friends. Happy Thursday!


  • Bonny

    I know I would have to read Let Love Come Last because I don’t think I’ve ever disagreed with a title and dedication so strongly! Maybe things were different in the 1949, but wow! I have a few books in my tbr, but I’m tempted to read this and find out more!

  • Vera

    Jut read Honore’s blog and saw her link to the website. Could be yet another rabbit hole of sorts – lol. I have so many books on my shelves TBR (titles keep coming through on Overdrive to my Kindle!). Your choices look good. I may need to walk through my house and pick up a few books randomly and see what I get!

  • Kym

    Although first-novel-at-61 is enticing, I think I’d go for . . . Captains and the Kings. My mom was a HUGE Taylor Caldwell fan. H.U.G.E. She convinced me to read Captains and the King back in the day (I think early college), and I remember getting quite caught up in the All Of It. (But not enough to make me a lifelong fan.) Anyway. Fun idea about the 3 unread books! I’ll have to do a bit of “shopping”. . . (although I think I Kon-Mari’d most of them a few years ago, and have resisted bringing in more books unless it was a need-to-read-right-now book). 🙂

  • Honore´

    Once upon a time I read Taylor Caldwell…don’t recall much, tho’. Of the three, maybe Miracle of the Bells…but, my next up is Circe! I pick it up tomorrow! ;-)).


    PS. I listened to this week’s WSIRN? on my walk today…fun, no?!

  • karen

    I’ve been listening to that podcast since the inception, I love the recommendations and her cheery voice! I’ll be looking up Taylor Caldwell.

  • Debbie

    The first Taylor Caldwell novel I read was Dear and Glorious Physician, I was 12 or 13 years old and was so engrossed in the story that I had a school girl crush on St. Luke! I was a big fan of Taylor Caldwell throughout my teens and college years. Now I’m wondering how it would be to go back and re-read some of those books!

  • Margene

    It’s been many years ago, but I’m fairly sure I read Captains and Kings but don’t remember a single thing about it. You could have a lot of fun exploring all three titles! Next up for me will be Lethal White!