Mapping Out My Advent Wrap.

Two of the things I needed to do today didn’t take as long as I’d planned … so I had some “found” time this afternoon. I put it to use figuring out how to approach the ADVENTurer Wrap – using up my stash of Kidsilk Haze. Unlike Kat who has a most awesome collection of so many colors, mine is just five

with a sixth on its way (UPS says Friday; I hope they’re right!)

the new color is upper left.

The whole palette was inspired by a waterlogued walk in the park last month.

I’m sure a few of my friends hoped to see me add green 😉 but what that photo helped me see was the brown, the pop of red and the light/dark contrasts.

As written, Ambah’s pattern calls for 25 mini-skeins of 60 yards each, with each skein being used once. For me, that translates to three repeats each with five of the colors and 10 of the light purple. Those numbers don’t lend themselves to symmetry. and my personality doesn’t lend itself to total random. I need a plan!

I did a little fiddling in Photoshop (found time is a gift!) and mapped out a design that – I think – might work!I like that it looks somewhat random and the colors are spread out evenly(ish) – I guess it’s more like they seem balanced!

Anyway, it’s a map. and now I feel confident about setting out. I know where I need to start and where I’ll end up … and hopefully I won’t let myself wander too far off course to get there!

All that said … I’d love to know if you have other suggestions about how to approach this!  Are you planning any Advent projects … to date, mine have all been around memory keeping (five December Daily albums) and I haven’t done any since 2011 (!!!)



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