FO Friday | Lark Tee.

I am delighted that the unraveled story I shared here last week has a happy ending! It took a week for me to get up the courage to try again, but thanks to a walking foot, a lot of practice on test strips and a few YouTube videos, it’s finished. 

I’m really proud of how it turned out. I ended up using a narrow zig-zag stitch with the walking foot for the topstitching and it worked great. 

Even better – it fits!

The pattern is Lark Tee by Grainline Studios and the fabric is Art Gallery’s Splendid Oath Ink, purchased at Topstitch, to go along with the Learn to Sew Knits class I took there last Tuesday evening. It’s probably a good thing that I wasn’t able to finish that last little bit of topstitching (neckline and sleeve and body hems) in class because I wouldn’t have known that I needed to do things differently on my machine here at home. My machine is really basic and I needed that walking foot (a happy leftover from my quilt-making wannabe days) to get an even tension on the knit fabric. The class gave me confidence, though, and I got to use a serger for the first time. whoa. game changer!

I’ve purchased the Lark Dress Variation Pack and have plans to make a velvet dress (like this one without that bow at the back neck) for the holidays. (I’m also hoping for an early Christmas present!)

…meanwhile, the knitting continues, but it doesn’t look all that different from Wednesday’s photo. Hopefully, with a few more episodes of WSIRN, I might get to the bottom ribbing. 🙂 something to look forward to for Monday’s post!

Wishing y’all a wonderful weekend!




  • Vera

    That top turned out great Mary! Love it. And a velvet dress…I remember a forest green velvet dress my Mom made for me one year – one of my most favorites ever.

  • Kym

    Nicely done, Mary! Knits are so dang tricky. . . and especially if your sewing machine is not knit-friendly. I have a very, very nice Viking/Husqvarna sewing machine that has several stitches built in, including several that are knit-friendly. I’ll never actually need a serger, although . . . I used to wish for one. I’ve discovered I can git’r’dun with my Viking.
    PS — I really do think you’ve found YOUR pattern company! Grainline patterns really suit your style, and the things you’re making with them look PERFECT on you. 🙂
    PPS — And YES to that velvet dress!!!

  • Bonny

    Nothing says the holidays like a velvet dress, especially if you’ve had the pleasure of making it yourself (with an early Christmas present)!

  • Carole

    A serger will make a world of difference for sewing with knit fabric so I hope you get your wish! Great job on the top, it looks terrific and that topstiching is perfect.

  • Margene

    A serger will certainly make it easier to sew that rayon velvet and the dress will be smashing for the Holidays. You’ve found your niche with the Grainline Studio patterns and you wear them well!

  • Vicki

    Oh, your tee turned out wonderfully! I’m so glad you were able to fix it. Since I first put the walking foot on my machine, it rarely comes off!