FO Friday | Jaycee.

Yes, Jaycee is officially an FO. I wore it to Katie’s last Thursday and she obliged with a few photos.It was completely unplanned that my outfit would go so nicely with her deck and the beautiful fall trees in the background.

Isabell Kraemer released the pattern back in April and it went immediately on my to-make list (officially here). What drew me to the design was that gorgeous yoke and the twisted rib. It didn’t disappoint.

Isabell included short rows before and after the lace detail so the yoke sits nicely on my shoulders. It’s also a nice change to have all the increases spread around the yoke instead of lined up along the sleeve lines.

I used my favorite Plucky Crewbie (in favorite colorway Twill). I ordered three skeins from a summer update and they blended beautifully – no alternating required (I pretty much refuse to alternate skeins in a sweater so that was good). I knew I was going to need a little more and I had leftovers from last summer’s 2nd Avenue. That skein was a lot lighter, so I used it for the body bindoff and the button and neck bands. 

I can tell that the bind-off is a little lighter here, but honestly … it’s a feature!

There are more details on my Ravelry page (here).

Finally, you might recall this was my first foray into NaKniSweMo, knitting a sweater of at least 50,000 stitches in the month of November. Turns out it wasn’t that hard for me to knit it … and I even got it blocked, buttons sewn on AND photographed by the 23rd (22 days after I started). but blogging about it did take me up to the last minute! Now that I’ve proven to myself that it’s possible, I’m not sure I’ll be trying it again. Knitting without deadlines is really my favorite kind of knitting.

And now you might be thinking – but aren’t you starting a wrap tomorrow that you’re hoping to finish in 25 days?! and I would answer, maybe … what I’m really hoping to do is find time to knit over the next 25 days!

Happy Friday, my friends! Enjoy the weekend!