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Unraveled Wednesday | Me Made in Europe.

It’s going to take me a while to sort through the 700+ photos and videos from our trip so I can share the stories here. So I’m glad today is Wednesday – a perfect opportunity to share one little story about the hand knits and hand sewns.

For the hand knits, I took Soyokaze (the only sweater I packed), fingerless mitts, a headband and four scarves/shawls (Tokyo, Bateaux Mouches, 2017 TTL Mystery Shawl and 2018 TTL Mystery Shawl). For the hand sewns, I took the ikat Esme tunic, my latest Uniform tunic and the wax and wool tote. I wore every piece a lot, with the exception of Esme, which saw one dinner the first night of the cruise and never even got a photo. The fingerless mitts, too, never got a photo. I wore them the first day we were in Vienna and managed to lose one. Thankfully, our hotel was just yards away from a lovely yarn shop; I bought yarn and needles and knit another pair just in time for the really chilly weather in Linz. 

My me mades saw a lot … and had a lot of fun!

Here’s the headband and 2017 Mystery Shawl in front of St. Stephens Cathedral in Vienna.

I wore this outfit the day we boarded the boat in Vienna.

Here’s Tokyo enjoying a private tour and concert at Belvedere Palace.

Bateaux Mouches probably saw the best panoramic view – looking across the Wachau Valley atop the castle ruins in Durnstein.

Tokyo enjoyed the best cocktail – an espresso negroni in Linz.

The 2017 Mystery saw the last evening on the boat

and (along with Soyokaze, the replacement mitts and the headband) a chilly morning walk through old town Nuremberg.

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Finally, my heart goes out to everyone in the path of Michael. Thankfully, Atlanta is just out of his reach and all we’re supposed to get is a few inches of much-needed rain.


  • Kym

    It was so fun to play spot-Mary’s-handknits on your Instagram feed during your trip! Perfection, Mary. 🙂 And I love the story about knitting your “emergency-replacement” mitts. XO

  • Kat

    It was indeed fun to play “Name that Knit” on your IG! But my favorite were the bundled in all the knits photos! It looks like you showed your handmades a lovely time!!

    And… I am thinking I need a Bateau Mouches and a Tokyo in my wardrobe! 🙂

  • Bonny

    You have the best-traveled knit and sewn wardrobe! They all look wonderful (and the European background isn’t half bad either). Your replacement mitts and the fact that you could buy yarn and knit them before Linz is just great. I’m looking forward to seeing more (after you ease back into regular life in GA).

  • Honore´

    Fun post! Glad your hand knits and sewn apparel got to see so much of your trip! Beats being packed in a suitcase any day! . Looks like you and mom had a grand time!

  • Debbie

    Welcome home! I enjoyed seeing you wear all your handknits and as your traveled through Europe. I’m amazed that you knit those mitts while on your trip!

  • Margene

    You are one of the only people I know who knits a wearable wardrobe of styles. You pick the most fashionable of styles and then take them with you around the world. Fabulous, Mary! It’s fabulous to be able to watch your travels.

  • Vera

    Yes! The little black boots (espresso negroni photo). All of these pictures are just so joyful Mary! Looks like you and your Mom did indeed have a fabulous time, and you saw so much! Your hand-mades all look fabulous. How did you like using the tote?

  • Patty

    I am also very curious about those boots! You’ve got some lucky knits there Mary…you’ve given me good knowledge of how to plan for 10/2019!

  • Penny

    You had some great spots to model these gorgeous knit pieces! And for someone like me, it’s very impressive that you just whipped up another pair of mitts. : )