Just Life

Unraveled Wednesday.

Scenes from my week – all good!

except for this morning, when this happened.

Needless to say that was not at all what I’d planned and I haven’t had time to fix that – or pull together anything else for the blog. Ha! I guess it’s as good as anything to share for Unraveled Wednesday!

We have our sixth!! annual neighborhood gathering this evening 🙂 Wishing you and yours a safe and fun Halloween! (i.e. no unraveling!)



  • Honore´

    As they say in the old country: “it be’s that way sometimes!” Hope you have/had a grand time at the gathering! And sorry about your top! It stretched?

  • Kat

    I love days that are too busy to blog! Really… that is living! XO

    Also… I am clueless on how to fix that stretching. Perhaps, some kind of light, yet structured, interfacing stitched down at the edge first?

  • Vera

    Looks like a busy/fun week and hope your gathering was nice. Sorry about that knit fabric…and sorry I have no suggestions to help…

  • Patty

    I hope you had a wonderful time at your neighborhood gathering! We didn’t have one trick or treat visitor. Oh well…at least the candy wasn’t opened or anything I like! 🙂 And regarding the sewing…booooooo!

  • karen

    I hope your repair/fix was easy 🙂 Love the photo of the kids, they look so big sometimes in your photos and then they look so little!