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Three on Thursday | The Rest of the Story.

I was up past my usual bed-time last night … sitting at the kitchen counter … and I took this photo to remember these three things:

  1. I ripped and re-started the socks. twice. The yarn said it was “dk” (so socks on size 3 dpn’s), but it feels a lot more like worsted (socks on size 4’s) … and really needs size 5’s (which is what the Churchmouse pattern suggests and gah, why didn’t I just start there?!)
  2. I found a delightful Grüner Veltliner (my new favorite white wine thanks to our Danube cruise) at Trader Joe’s. For just $5.99 a bottle, I think I’m going back to pick up a case.
  3. Marc did a great job with the grocery shopping while I was away, but we are now down to eating tuna, crackers and not-so-fresh romaine. sigh. I have a big list for today. but the promise of fresh food for dinner makes it almost worthwhile 😉

A picture might be worth a thousand words, but sometimes you need the words to tell the whole story.

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  • Honore´

    Yeah, sometimes we find we totally missed the boat…been there, done that! Happy grocery shopping; that’s one task low on my list but its completion does give me/one a huge sense of “Done!” (As the Wayfair ad sez!)
    PS.What’s for dinner? ;-)).

  • Bonny

    I hate grocery shopping, and my dislike usually makes me put it off as long as possible. I’m heading back to NJ and an empty refrigerator today, but will have to shop tomorrow morning as we’re having guests for dinner. I wonder if the Riesling I have will go with crackers and tuna? Here’s hoping your dinner is good tonight, and the socks are good on 5s!

  • Kat

    It is times like this that I wish that groceries multiplied in the cupboard, like laundry seems to multiply in the basket!

    And, how I love for a TJ’s that sells beer and wine in PA! Bah! Although, we did make a stop at Costco in MI to get a few things! Haha!

  • Carole

    Those epic grocery shopping trips can be such a drain – hope yours went well! When I find a wine I like I always buy a case, especially if it’s reasonably priced.

  • karen

    I forget food that I have so I could find something if I needed to. I should eat from the cupboards to get rid of the overflow!

    I had that happen with a yarn that it said it was one thing but it wasn’t….

  • Penny

    It’s fun to discover a new wine – grocery shopping not so much fun but necessary. Hope (I’m sure you did) you enjoyed your dinner! : )

  • Margene

    No one hates grocery shopping more than me. I am not good at planning my trips, either. Le sigh. Hope your trip was worthwhile and you’re now fully stocked up for awhile!