Just Life

Mid-October Weekending.

For sure, the highlight of our weekend was the pre-game festivity of Georgia Tech’s Homecoming. Saturday morning was a picture-perfect fall day with crisp bright blue skies. We arrived on campus early and enjoyed a long walk full of tradition, crowds and noise!

We settled into our seats in time for a selfie

and the arrival of the Ramblin’ Reck.

and then the game began. sigh. the next two hours were the low point of the whole experience and we were both glad to get home.

The rest of the weekend wasn’t nearly as photogenic but we did enjoy Saturday Night Snacks while watching football;

and I put the finishing touches on a sweet baby sweater for a friend of Katie’s who’s expecting her first baby (a boy!) next month.(this is the Sunnyside Cardigan in the smallest size … which I need to update on Ravelry!)

We also watched a little TV, read and rested. In all, it was a nice mix … and a great way to say Hello, Fall!

Hope your weekend was a good one!



  • Kym

    I think it should be some sort of rule that every team gets to win their homecoming game! It looks like you had perfect weather for a lovely homecoming, regardless of the outcome. XO

  • Kat

    Oh boy… I am sad the ending of your Homecoming game did not match the start! But what a glorious day! Those skies! Wow!

    I hope your week is wonderful! XO

  • Bonny

    I’m glad you had those incredible blue skies! Not that they make up for losing, but it’s better not to suffer the pain of defeat in the rain. Along with that sweet sweater and delicious snacks, it sounds like a not-too-bad weekend!

  • Honoré

    Sat t’was a lovely day for you; sorry the score was lousy but the snacks looked like they made up for GT’s loss. The baby sweater is sweet! Have a great day!

  • Carole

    As someone who went to a small women’s college with no football, I think your homecoming sounds so fun! And just look at all those people! Glad the rest of the weekend was good, too and your snacks look awesome. (sorry about the outcome of the football game, though)

  • Patty

    What a fun weekend! I loved the games at App State that we attended when Dan was there. That snack arrangement looks pretty darn delicious and thank-you for a nice baby cardi pattern!

  • karen

    what a fun weekend!! Love your snacks that you make for games, I should do it (but forget to!). My weekend was super awesome and I hope this weekend is the same.