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Unraveled Wednesday.

Joining in with Kat and friends today to talk about knitting and books. I do love these weekly check-ins. The opportunity to report on progress has spurred many a project to some sort of milestone or completion. And if there’s literal unraveling, the opportunity for commiseration within a like-minded community is hard to beat.

Up until about two hours ago, I wasn’t sure which path my story would follow today. Shortly after I snapped Monday’s photo of that first Soyokaze sleeve about 1/4 done, I realized I was likely to run out of yarn. I’m not sure what happened; I started with about 25% more than the pattern suggested. But I was well into that buffer before I reached the mid-way point of the first sleeve. Like any well-seasoned yarn chicken contestant, I knit faster. and I weighed the remaining yarn every 2″. This morning I unraveled my swatch and got comfortable that I’d be able to get bracelet length sleeves – whew! worst case, I’d order another ball (from Denmark) and reknit the full length sleeves after my trip.

Turns out that won’t be necessary. I finished with 3 grams to spare (which by my calculations is about 2″ of a sleeve)!

Two sleeves in 50 hours (with a close game of yarn chicken) is not a feat I hope to repeat. ever. but I’m happy it’s over. Series 3 (save the final episode) of TGBBS and the first 10+ hours of The Magicians were great company for going around and around in circles!

I’ve also started Warlight, but just barely. I’m looking forward to spending some quality time with that book soon. tonight?

Meanwhile, I’m planning a new pair of fingerless mitts. I’ve searched high and low for my “good” pair. Maybe I gave them to Sara when she was visiting last Christmas? (thinking that would give me the perfect excuse to knit myself another pair … ahem, it’s time!) and one more handsewn top. Indeed, the making is going to continue until the last minute!

Here’s to happy endings!



  • Kat

    Oh, man… nothing beats a good game of yarn chicken that YOU WIN!! It is such a feeling of total bad-a** knitting! And, I love that sweater – it will be perfect for your trip!

    Ahhh, your reading is just full of good things! So much so, I have put myself on the waitlist to read Warlight again. It was just that good!

  • jane

    Hooray for happy endings. A healthy game of yarn chicken is always good when you win. The sweater looks beautiful. On to fingerless mitts. I have quite a few pairs that I stash around the house during the winter. Boy am I looking forward to that.

  • Barbara

    The sweater is very impressive. When you say 50 hours of knitting, how many hours a day. Where do you get your energy from? You are a true inspiration to me. Keep posting.

  • Carole

    Hooray for not running out of yarn! I’m playing a bit of yarn chicken myself right now with True Colors and I hope I win, too. I think those new Appleseed Mitts from Thea Colman look pretty great if you haven’t already picked a pattern.

  • Bonny

    So glad that knitting faster saved the day and you have the perfect sweater for visiting Vienna, eating lebkuchen, and Viennese pastries! I have Warlight on my ipod, but had forgotten it was there, so thank you for the reminder. I’ll be interested in seeing what you think about The Magicians. I haven’t talked to many people that are middle-of-the-road; it seems like readers either love it or hate it.

  • Patty

    Your sweater is such a great color and style! Here’s to winning yarn chicken…I felt a little game of it when finishing up square two last week. 🙂

  • Penny

    Well, I’m glad this round of Yarn Chicken had a happy ending! I’ve heard lots of positive reviews for Warlight – looking forward to your thoughts on it.